The days are getting shorter, cooler nights are upon us, and most importantly — friends, it’s apple season! But it took a lot to get here, and this summer was a good mix and relaxing and crazy, of fun and work. I am fully ready to lean into fall, and apples! But first, let’s take a look back on and round-up everything from summer 2019.

What I Cooked

If you’ve been following my 2019 kitchen goal updates (Q1, Q2) then you know all about the farm share we signed up for! Between that and living only ten minutes from one of the best local you-pick farms, seasonal produce has defined my cooking this summer. I shared a recipe for strawberry sundaes and a salad!

I was doing a lot more exploring than recipe development, which is why there hasn’t been much new to share here. I’ve also been focusing on canning, which means lots of basic pickling and jam recipes. We made half sour and dill pickles. The half sours were excellent, and I’m excited to open the dill jars in a few months.

We also discovered some super local berries — right on our property! It was a nice surprise when we found the wild raspberry bushes in our backyard, and large blackberries in the front. Those blackberries are now stored as some pretty tasty jam!

What’s Next?

Well, you know I love me apple season! Last year, I posted a few different apple recipes. This year I’m sure there will be even more. I’m currently working on making (and maybe canning!) some apple butter. I may also finally share my family’s favorite Christmas breakfast apple kuchen recipe.

As we get into winter, that’s when I do some of the heavier and less fruity baking projects. Expect lots of nuts and chocolate and creaminess. Also, it’s time to create some cocktails that are more warming than refreshing. I’m still working on creating a signature cocktail for each room in my house (Check out the sitting room’s Paloma) and maybe a couple of those have a more fall or winter feel!

House Updates

One big accomplishment of the summer is that we bought our first house! As first time homeowners we’ve learned a lot already in the first few months. Phrases like “there’s always something else to fix” have now worked their way into our vernacular. Yep, we’re there.

Wire Shelf | Pasta Bowls | Noodle Bowls | Tapas Plates

We’ve been able to accomplish a lot, from paint touch-ups to replacing faucets and locks, to organizing and decorating some of the spaces. The house isn’t done, but it’s in a good place.

What’s Next?

We have some big projects on the horizon, but it’s hard to say when we’ll get to those. One big idea is to close in our back porch to create a sunroom. That is definitely a long term project!

In the shorter term, we are thinking of painting a couple rooms, including our sitting room on the first floor, and our master bedroom and bath upstairs. Another small DIY project is that I want to convert our large hall closet into a mudroom space with a storage bench.

I try to post small decorating and organization updates to my Instagram stories as they happen. For larger complete projects, I’ll post those here. Coming up first? Keep a look out for a guest room walk through and bathroom organization update!

Summer Adventures

We got the chance to explore a new part of New York state this summer when we spent a week in an isolated cabin in the Adirondacks. It was a beautiful and amazing trip, and I’m excited to finally look at the photos I took and organize all of those. Maybe some new prints for the house?

What’s Next?

I don’t have any trips planned, but that’s okay. I am looking forward to a holiday season that for once doesn’t involve tons of travel. One of the perks of having a new house is that everyone comes to me! There are some fun local spots I’d love to check out in the winter, and I’m always trying to figure out fun day or weekend trips from Rochester.

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6 thoughts on “Summer 2019 Round-Up

    1. Thanks. Apples are probably my favorite thing to cook and bake with, so I’m excited to come up with some fun new ideas!

  1. They always say going grocery shopping while hungry is a bad idea, but so is looking at all this delicious fruit! I’m craving your strawberry sundae now.

    1. Haha, thank you! I suggest you do make some strawberry sundaes even though it’s out of season. It will still be super tasty.

    1. Agreed! I love the early summer produce as well, but I think this time of year is my favorite with the peaches, plums, pears, and apples.

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