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The front sitting room in our house is the first room that I really get the chance to design from scratch. In our current apartment, we don’t have the space for two separate lounge-type areas, just a single living room. That means that I have full freedom to design and develop this space. I’m excited to share my mood board and wish list for our sitting room.

When I designed the master bedroom, guest bedroom, and kitchen, there were a lot more limitations based on pieces we already own or are built into the home. Here, I have the opportunity to really think about my goals for the space, and what purposes I want it to serve in our home. Is it a parlor for entertaining, a place to enjoy a morning coffee, or a relaxing spot to unwind with a good book? I want it to be all three.

Sitting Room Inspiration & Mood Board

We haven’t decided for sure which of the front rooms in our new home will act as our sitting room. However, I do know it’s going to be one of the first rooms guests see when they arrive. Because of that, I wanted a welcoming and light color scheme. This is a bit of contrast from the bold colors I use in the bedrooms upstairs, but should complement the kitchen nicely.

When brainstorming color schemes I was inspired by the idea to serve the first course of a spring brunch, sitting around a light wood coffee table. I was seeing visions of tea with lemon and honey. But I don’t want to limit this room to just mornings. I’d also like it be a place to sip a paloma in the evening while I jot down ideas in a notebook.

The citrus color scheme lent itself nicely to that variety of moods. I’m pulling from limes, lemons, and grapefruits, and will incorporate those hues into the furniture, flowers, and decor pieces. When it comes to shapes, I’m leaning toward a mix of organic and geometric, so the room feels like a modern take on a traditional parlor.

Sitting Room Wish List

  1. Gray Accent Chair by Stone & Beam
  2. Coral Side Table by Sauder
  3. Citrus Splash Art Prints by Great Art Now
  4. Green Globe Table Lamp by Simple Designs
  5. Floral Sheer Curtains by Bathroom and More
  6. Colorful Nesting Trays by UNIKON
  7. Geometric Pillow Covers by BLUETTEK
  8. Abstract Sunrise and Sunset by ZETANART
  9. Chrome Bar Cart by Studio Designs Home
  10. Glass Tea Set by Jusalpha
  11. Ombre Coral Area Rug by Chesapeake
  12. Tropical Fruit Cocktail Stirrers by Beachcombers

Like I said, totally starting from scratch here, so I begin with a few larger pieces like the lounge chair and side tables. I’m thinking a large rug can be a focal point of the room, and a couple sets of art prints can tie it all together.

When it comes to smaller items, I wanted a few that were more functional, like the lamps, curtains, and trays. I also wanted some that were much more decorative, like the throw pillows.

Last, I’m thinking of a few more pieces that will bring together that feeling of happy mornings and evenings filled with conversation. The coffee cart, tea set, and glass cocktail stirrers will each add some unique character to the space.

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12 thoughts on “Sitting Room Mood Board and Wish List

    1. Thank you! I agree that chair looks super cozy, and gray is such a fantastic neutral for bright colors like these.

    1. We close end of May and move in the beginning of June! You can come visit almost any time in the summer or fall, except for like a couple weeks in August that are crazy.

  1. I think its such a great idea even though i havent implemented one myself before (totally should though!). Also how awesome that you get to design that room!

    1. Thank you! We are really trying to consider how we’ll use each space in our home, and not limiting ourselves to expectations. We don’t need a formal dining room, and this will so much nicer as a room.

  2. Wow, I love this! So crisp and refreshing – perfect for spring! Mood boards are one of my favorites and I so appreciate when bloggers take the time to put them together this well. Makes my design heart happy!

    1. Thanks! I have a bit of a background with design, and I love making mood boards for everything I might create. It’s such a great way to gather and organize ideas.

  3. I love all that pop of color! My mood board will more or less look like a jungle. I’m obsessed with plants these days! 😀

    1. Thanks, I love color everywhere! Plants are so great to have around, but I am horrible at keeping them alive. I try though!

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