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Planning out the decor for our new house is basically the only thing keeping me sane right now, while we are in the waiting phase. I’m not great with anticipation. The first room I designed was our master bedroom, and now I’m moving on to the next room, another bedroom. I’m breaking down the inspiration, mood board, and wish list for our guest room!

A guest room is a bit of a different feeling than a master bedroom. Normally,  guests are only staying for a few days, not living in the room forever. However, I still want this room to feel like it belongs to us, and not in a hotel. The personal differences are what makes your house guests feel welcome.

Guest Room Inspiration & Mood Board

To keep the budget low, I started with some items we already own and use in our current guest room, and built the color scheme around those. When it comes to bedding, we don’t have a bedspread, but we do have teal sheets and a red throw blanket.

It was tough to develop a color scheme that utilized two such different and bold colors. But I ended up being inspired by vintage style travel photos. The teal sky and red-orange landscapes are a beautiful and natural way to make those colors jive.

Guest Room Vintage Travel Wish List

  1. Clara Quilt Bedding Set by Lush Decor
  2. Kismet Wembley Orangeaid Accent Chair by Emerald Home Furnishings
  3. Walnut Luggage Rack by Casual Home
  4. Camera Patent Prints by BigWig Prints
  5. Rust Chenille Knitted Throw Blanket by DOZZZ
  6. San Francisco Vintage Travel Poster by Pacifica Island Art
  7. Vintage Decorative Suitcases by SLPR
  8. Wall Mounted Floating Shelves by SUPERJARE
  9. 59 Illustrated National Parks by Nathan and Joel Anderson
  10. Old World Map Stoneware Coasters by Thirstystone
  11. Green Vintage Task Lamp by Stone & Beam
  12. Travel Themed Serving Trays by SLPR

Once I settled on the theme, I found plenty of vintage posters, leather suitcases, and more that could be accent pieces in this room. I’ll supplement the camera diagrams with some of my old photography equipment to create that tourist and travel vibe, which can live on the floating shelves.

To tie all the colors together, I’m using the bed as an anchor of the room, with a bold and colorful bedspread with a solid but cozy throw. The orange arm chair is a cozy place where guests can have a moment to themselves, maybe reading some books about national parks, and settling their coffee on a world map coaster.

I love the idea of re-purposing old suitcases as a bedside table, and topping with the world map trays. For convenience, I’m also adding in a luggage rack. This way, my guests won’t need to put their own bags on the floor.

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12 thoughts on “Guest Room Mood Board and Wish List

  1. We have those same national park post cards. I’ve been meaning to put them up in our kiddos room and just havent gotten around to it for like 2 years. Now I want to do it right now! Plus, I have all of this other inspiration now 🙂 Thanks! I think your guests are going to feel so cozy and inspired in this kind of space.

    1. Those national park illustrations are just so pretty, I know I need them in some form. I hope they look great on your kid’s walls! Thanks so much!

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