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Well, it’s been another three months, and we are now in the homestretch of 2019. I’m so excited to update you on my kitchen resolutions. Summer was an interesting time for sure (catch up on the rest of it here), and things have definitely changed from my Q2 check-in! So let’s break down my kitchen resolutions, checking in for the third quarter of 2019.

Utilize Tools And Gadgets To Make Eating Healthy Easier

We’re pretty settled into our kitchen now, which means all my tools and gadgets finally have a home! I keep my small appliances in a couple large cabinets, with all of their accessories on nearby shelves or in drawers very close by. Having an organization system makes it a lot easier to grab what I need, which means I’m able to use things a lot more.

However, I didn’t use some things as often as I expected. My juicer mostly sat untouched for the peak of summer, and I only recently broke it out to make some fresh pressed apple cider. Instead, I found myself just eating more produce, no need to juice!

One gadget I have used a bunch is the food processor. It used to be kind of intimidating, and just feel like another thing to clean. However, it’s so fast for whipping up lentil meat substitutes for tacos or bolognese. In the earlier summer, I was making plenty of pesto as well, which made for some tasty sandwiches and quick summer pasta dinners!

I also broke out the slow cooker in the last month to make some applesauce and apple butter. One new gadget I’m excited about is our canner! We’ve canned a bunch of preserves and pickles so far, but we aren’t eating them yet. Check back for updates on that.

Clean Small Appliances Immediately After Using

I do my best here. Really, you might not agree if you saw my kitchen, but I try. One thing I’ve pretty good at is keeping the Keurig and espresso maker clean. I have coffee daily, so it’s important to keep up with those!

I still haven’t magically turned into the type of person who is motivated to keep things clean. After nine months of this goal, I’m just not convinced it will ever happen. However, I have noticed some patterns that help me. For example, when the kitchen is clean, I do better at keeping it clean. But when it starts to get out of hand, it all falls apart. I’ll keep pushing along with this goal.

Fill My Fridge With Locally Grown Produce

I am calling this one a victory!

Having a CSA has been a fun, new challenge, but it has definitely helped me achieve this goal. Another thing that has helped is the fridge itself. Our new fridge has an extra drawer for quick access. We’ve been keeping fresh fruit and veggies there, and I’ve trained myself to look there first when I want a snack.

Another reason this goal has gone so well: we live only ten minutes from an amazing you-pick produce farm! To supplement the farm-share, and for a fun weekend activity, we picked everything. Berries, cherries, and apples have never been more accessible and I love it.

Attempt To Make A Sourdough Starter – And Keep It Alive!

Well it’s dead.

I never named my starter, so I’m convinced that’s why I let it die. But at the same time, I tried to revive it a few times after moving and it just never came back. Like I mentioned in my last check-in, I decided not to start a new one, but instead wait until cooler weather returns.

Instead, we finally tried out our bread machine this past weekend! It’s amazing how little effort is needed to create tasty bread. I only made a very simple loaf to start, but I’m excited to experiment with more interesting flavors and mix-ins. Maybe in the cold winter, I’ll try sourdough again.

Three months left on these goals, and it’s time to start brainstorming what I want to carry into 2020. What goals should be adjusted? Or removed completely? Is there anything new I want to accomplish? It’s exciting to think about some fun new kitchen goals!

Let me know how your kitchen is doing three-quarter through the year. Are you planning any interesting goals for next year? Let me know, maybe you’ll inspire one of mine!

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10 thoughts on “Kitchen Resolutions: Third Quarter Check-In

  1. I love that one of your resolutions was to fill your fridge with locally grown produce! I’ve been trying to eat more produce, too instead of snacking on unhealthy things like I usually do.

    1. It’s been so good! I love that it’s almost habit now to reach for a piece of fruit instead of chips or candy. It’s such a great goal to work on!

  2. I love your goals, why haven’t I thought of this? I need to form some kitchen related goals, because I definitely suck at cooking all together! I definitely need to keep up with cleaning our smaller kitchen appliances too, this was a great reminder!

    1. Thanks, feel free to steal the idea! I love having a few ideas always in the back of my mind, so whenever I’m in the kitchen I think about them.

    1. Thank you! I can’t do overly ambitious goals because I’ll just give up, haha. Keep me updated if you decide to try, I’d love to hear about it!

    1. Isn’t local produce just the best? And apple season too. This time of year brings so much great and delicious into our lives.

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