Baking Survival Kit

Part 1: Essential Ingredients
Here’s everything you’ll need to stock your pantry, to always be able to whip up something quick, easy, and delicious.
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Part 2: Equipment and Tools
All the tools and toys you need to help you make your favorite goodies on a whim.
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Part 3: Pans and Bakeware
All the bakeware essentials you need to get started with baking.
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20 Best Cookbooks for Baking
For baking, you will want books that are focused on the specifics, not just any fun cookbook. Here the best.
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Home Bar Essentials

bottles of Maker's Mark
Part 1: Liquor
It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to building up your home bar. Here are the essentials for your alcohol collection.
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mug of coffee and cream liqueur
Part 2: Mixers & Garnishes
Stocking your bar doesn’t stop at alcohol. Here are the next steps in home bar essentials: mixers and garnishes.
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Part 3: Tools and Glassware
You can’t serve impressive cocktails without a few other accessories. So get ready to fill out your home bar essentials with tools and glassware.
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Host a Holiday Dinner

Part 1: Menu Brainstorming
Gather ideas dish-by-dish for your big holiday dinner, from hors d'oeuvres to vegetable sides to dessert and even cocktails. You are sure to find a new favorite.
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Part 2: Building a Menu
Try this fun card sorting method for planning out your holiday dinner menu, visually and color-coded. This will help you incorporate everyone's preferences.
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Part 3: Menu and Shopping
Finalize your dinner menu (see mine from 2019 as an examples!) and plan out your shopping list depending on when you are able to get to the store.
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Part 4: Thanksgiving Schedule
Prep ahead during the week and plan out your Thanksgiving morning, so everything is ready in time for dinner.
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