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I’ve decided to break down the new house room and room, and figure out how I want to decorate everything. While we already have some of the larger furniture placements figured out, there’s still plenty of small details, color schemes, and more to determine. I’m starting with the master bedroom, and breaking down all of my inspiration, the mood board, and a wish list.

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Decorating from scratch can be overwhelming, but luckily I’m not quite starting there. We have a few pieces to build off when it comes to the master bedroom. In fact, we were already planning ahead for this way back during our wedding registry. Our bedding, including a bedspread and sheet sets are already covered.

I started with those. The bedspread features some pretty green and teal palm leaves. Then we went with dark sheets for contrast, including a set of navy and a set of an eggplant purple. I thought about some pops of neutrals and gold for contrast, and a color scheme came together naturally.

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Once I had those colors figured out, it was about the feeling of the room. I like a bedroom to be cozy and dark, a place that makes me want to sleep. For that feeling, I drew from the tropical paradise of our honeymoon, bringing in those details of palm leaves and star gazing.

As you can see in the mood board, there’s an evening stroll on a tropical beach feel throughout. It’s all about winding down, and calming down our brains. I’m much more focused on the room as being a place where we feel comfortable and cozy than any other purpose.

Master Bedroom Wish List

We’ve got the bedding and some other pieces, but there’s a lot to build up in this room. Here are a few selections that I’m excited to add!

1. Navy Upholstered Headboard by Modway
2. Double Constellation Hemisphere Map Print by Capricorn Press
3. Gold Lamps with Marble Base by CO-Z
4. Artificial Palm Leaves by Olivachel
5. Gold Square Wastebasket by mDesign
6. Navy Nightstand with Gold Feet by Safavieh
7. Blue Botanical Canvas Prints by Artistic Path
8. Watercolor Throw Pillow Cover by Golee
9. Round Decorative Teal Tray by Benzara
10. Embroidered Palm Leaf Bolster by Your Smile
11. Mickey & Minnie Moonlight Canvas by Disney Fine Art
12. Cast Iron Sea Turtle Bowl by Hampton Nautical

These items cover a few different areas of the room, from the bed to decor, and I think each one works within the mood I’m trying to set. The navy headboard and nightstands will bring in that darker evening feel, accented by the Disney print (super cute right?). The brighter pillows and gold accents will add in that little pop of moonlight.

I love the idea of putting the constellation map right over the bed, or possibly at the foot so we can always see it. The palm plant will add in some nature, which is especially great in our six months of winter. And the cute turtle bowl could be a nice reminder of our Jamaican honeymoon, where we released baby turtles.

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10 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Mood Board and Wish List

  1. I love how you break down your decorating room by room. I too started decorating our Master Bedroom by starting with the colors in my bedding. My plan wasn’t intentional. First I purchased a quilt I loved and then little by little the room came together based on those colors. Have fun with your room! You have a great plan.

    1. Thank you! I love how sometimes rooms just come together little bits at a time. It feels more natural and I think the room ends up looking more real than buying everything at once.

  2. Absolutely love the idea of creating a mood board for the room! I feel like I need to do this with my kitchen. Thanks so much for sharing ☺️

    1. Thanks! The mood board are keeping me sane right now. I am working on our kitchen as well, and that’s a really fun one!

    1. Thanks! My old bedroom color scheme was teal, espresso, and silver, so this feels like a natural maturation of that.

  3. Wow, I love this vibe! And of course I absolutely love the painting #11. It’s a gorgeous background with just the right hint of Disney 🙂

    1. Thank you! I love Disney, but I try to be pretty subtle with it in my decor (except for my extensive Figment collection…), so I agree this is the perfect amount!

    1. Thank you! I love feeling surrounded by nature, even indoors, so I’m hoping it will create a cozy feeling for us.

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