Hello, and welcome!

I created this blog as a home for all my ideas, plans, and inspiration for my future bed and breakfast. But I don’t want it to be just a scrapbook for me, I also want it to be a place for you. So that’s why I’m building it out as a B&B-inspired lifestyle blog.

This way, I can focus on my concepts and thoughts for my own business that I will own one day, but at the same time share the stories from my current life. The topics I’m focusing on will include those that you would commonly associate with a B&B: food, especially baking; decor, including little cute details and themes; travelrelaxationnatureromance, and more. I’ll also be throwing in some inspiration for my own future b&b!

Things you probably won’t find too much around here: beauty and fashion. While I might occasionally post about those things, it will likely be more in the context of “look at this color palette or pattern mixing,” rather than make-up and clothing tips. I’m not very good at that stuff anyway (Thank goodness for StitchFix!) – so you probably don’t want my advice there!

I love the community, the support, and just the whole world that goes with blogging

Another reason I started this as a blog is because blogging is something I’ve always felt a connection to. I’ve had many blogs throughout my life – a personal diary on Livejournal, an e-zine, a food blog – and none of them have really stuck. But each time, I find that I love the community, the support, and just the whole world that goes with blogging.

This easily could have been strictly a social media platform, or something that I built through Pinterest. But instead, I want to use the blog to tell the whole story and the blogging community to listen to yours.

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be filling out the blog one post at a time, and I hope to someday have a selection of articles for you to enjoy! Reach out to me on InstagramTwitter, or over on my personal website A OhKait. I can’t wait to get to know you!