Hi, I’m Kait, and I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out where I fit in…

​I grew up near the beach in New Jersey, have moved out west to the deserts of Arizona, and even lived just outside of the nation’s capital. Now, I’m settled in upstate New York. I have studied photography, creative storytelling, perceptual psychology, and design theory and I don’t know exactly where it all will lead me. But to me, every project is an adventure.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  1. My chihuahua, Tessa, is my soulmate and the love of my life (don’t tell my husband!). If you get me started, I can literally discuss her idiosyncrasies for hours. I love to dress her up and buy her toys and do photoshoots. She even has a closet with probably more dresses than I have!
  2. Disney will always be an important part of my life, and many of my favorite places are locations within the Walt Disney World resort. My family went there so often when I was young that I lost count of trips! I’m always surrounded by subtle Disney details, and you’ll see a lot of Disney influence in the way I decorate and tell stories.
  3. I was a gymnast for my entire young life. I never got very good because I was constantly getting injuries and subsequent mental blocks, but I had fun. Now, I still follow the sport, and not just every four years for the Olympics. I love watching elite and college and keeping up with competitions, skills, and the judging code!
  4. One of my hobbies is planning hypothetical vacations. I’ll look up hotels, and restaurants, and activities. I’ll find dog-friendly accommodations and plan out each day of a trip that will never happen. I also like going on vacation, but there isn’t always time or money for that – so I can get a bit of fun out of just the planning!
  5. I went to school for photography, but I don’t have any plans to become a professional photographer (unless I could be a nature and travel one, that would be amazing!) Instead, I like to use all the other skills I built up from studying photography: editing, storytelling, color and design theory, lighting, and teaching. But if you put something pretty in front of me, I’ll definitely snap some artsy shots!