Hello Home Baker, Brunch Lover, Welcoming Host, and Cocktail Mixologist!

This is Slumber & Scones, the bold and bright place where you will never be without a delicious recipe, a tasty drink, or a fun way to make the guests in your home feel welcome.

It’s all about your friends and family being well-fed, comfortable, and entertained. Make your house their favorite destination, whether visiting from out-of-town, or popping over for a Sunday brunch.

Why not make everyday a getaway, when your own home feels like your favorite bed and breakfast.

Welcome home!

I’m Kait, and I’ll be helping you out with your b&b-inspired home. My husband and I bought our first home in summer of 2019, so we are on this journey together. I believe that every room in my house should have a signature cocktail and a unique color scheme.

I am excited to share fun recipes with you, especially ones with unique twists or based on my own childhood. I am a bourbon drinker, but almost any cocktail will please me. I rarely drink wine, and tend to stick to dark beer.

I love living seasonally, eating locally grown fruits and veggies, and regularly updating my decor based on holidays and weather.

I collect cook books, especially ones written by bloggers I admire, from restaurants I’ve loved, filled with gorgeous photography, or that teach me something new.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  1. I have two adorable chihuahuas: Tessa & Oscar
  2. I love Disney World and will often make obscure references to attractions. Let me know if you catch any!
  3. I was a gymnast growing up, but now I mostly do yoga and go for walks. I can still do my splits sometimes, though
  4. I love photography, and even studied it in college.
  5. I’ll always be a Jersey Girl, but I spent some time in Arizona and the DC area before settling Rochester, NY.

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