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I’m working my way through our new home, developing decor design ideas for each one. You can read all about our tropical twilight master bedroom and vintage travel guest room. Today, I’m tackling the kitchen, with a mood board and wish list for my favorite room!

Kitchen Inspiration and Mood Board

The kitchen is one of the rooms where I spend most of my time. I wanted it to feel welcoming and peaceful, but not boring. I’ve always enjoyed kitchens with bright, bold colors (surprised?) but I didn’t want it to be overwhelming.

In my first apartment, my kitchen was sunflower themed, so I have a lot of appliances and tools that are green and yellow. When deciding on the color scheme, I thought of those pieces, but I also added in a bold peacock blue. It’s a shade I’ve always loved, and I thought the kitchen could be a perfect place to implement.

Kitchen Wish List

  1. Peel and Stick Wall Tiles by FAM STICKTILES
  2. Nailhead Bar Stools by LSSBOUGHT
  3. Herbs Tea Towel by FLOOR | 9
  4. Antimicrobial Barmop Towels by Bumble
  5. Peacock Feather Oven Mitt by HEPKL
  6. Grey Marble Cutting Board by Bloomingville
  7. Vegetable Floor Mats by Ustide
  8. Wicker Fruits Bowl by amololo
  9. Wood Spice Rack and Jars by welcare
  10. Blue Canister Set by American Atelier
  11. Shag Dog Bed by Best Friends by Sheri
  12. Round Trash Can by simplehuman

My kitchen is already well-stocked with the major and minor appliances, thanks to our wedding registry. So my focus for this wish list is heavy on the decorative, though still useful pieces. Our kitchen has plenty of counter, wall, and cabinet space that is great for these displayed items.

I’m also imagining some big picture changes, although these would be more long term. Things like the back splash and bar stools will bring in the feeling I’m seeking easily. But first, I’m adding the small details like the produce baskets, floor mat, and canisters. Of course our kitchen must include a comfy spot for Tessa, our chihuahua. She loves to watch us cook!

I’m loving the selection of pieces that we can use everyday. Things like the marble cutting board, peacock oven mitt, and spice rack are beautiful and efficient. The tea towels and bar mops are always useful to have on hand. And everyone needs a cute trash can.

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6 thoughts on “Kitchen Mood Board and Wish List

    1. Thank you! I was looking for something peacock, because I am obsessed with the colors, and this was cute and subtle.

  1. It sounds like you were blessed through your wedding registry. That’s wonderful! I too love the peacock oven mitts. Like the most! You put together a beautiful vision board. People will feel so at peace in your kitchen.

    1. Our friends and family are amazing! And we definitely focused on the kitchen for our registry. Thank you so much, I am hoping our kitchen is a welcome and happy place for many years.

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