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Weddings are not about gifts, but I’ll admit that putting together the registry and opening gifts (even though I knew what they all were by then…) was a part of the planning and celebrating that I definitely enjoyed!

One of the perks of getting married is everyone wanting to invest in our future lives, and while we received some basics (sheets, towels, glasses), living together for four years already meant an opportunity for some fun stuff as well. Here’s a breakdown of some of the kitchen upgrades that will change the way we cook (and in some cases already have):

Small Appliances

  • Bread machine: I love making bread from scratch. I always said that I didn’t need a bread maker because I was the bread maker. But having fresh bread around is more valuable to me than always spending a full day kneading, rising, and baking. I’m excited to make sweet and savory loaves without it taking hours.
  • Air fryer: I tried this baby out already to make some apple cider donut bites, and I’m impressed. It’s super fast, and I hear a lot healthier than frying or even baking in oil. I’m super excited to cut up some fresh potatoes and make fries!
  • Espresso maker: My morning latte has definitely gotten a well-deserved upgrade. This coffee-house quality machine has found a permanent place on my counter, and I love feeling like a barista when I tamp the grounds and steam milk. There’s just no comparison to real fresh espresso.

A Better Bar

  • Penguin cocktail shaker: Ok, I’ll admit that this cocktail shaker caught my attention because it’s cute. The penguin features don’t add anything to the functionality, but they don’t take away. This metal waddler is a fully usable cocktail shaker, and I’m excited to see what it mixes up.
  • Garnishing tools set: Speaking of cocktails, I’m about to make them a lot prettier. This tool set came with melon ballers, a zester, a butter curler and more, so I can use it to dress up drinks and dinner.
  • Craft cocktail glasses: To round out the bar, we got two sets of these six glasses, which will definitely improve our cocktail game. I’m pretty excited to fill these with various libations.

Small Gadgets

  • Citrus juicer: I now have three ways to juice citrus, but this one is the most convenient when we’re cooking. Our meals can be fast-paced, and just being able to squeeze the juice out a lemon or lime quickly can mean the difference between browned and burnt somewhere else.
  • Garlic rocker: I know pressing garlic instead of just chopping is controversial in chef circles, but when we’re making dinner, I don’t really care. This rocker is already a staple when we need minced garlic, and I’ll admit I haven’t touched the old press once!
  • Marble rolling pin (This is similar to ours, but not the exact one we have): This solid hunk of marble is heavy! And that’s a good thing for rolling out chilled doughs. I sometimes have trouble getting my weight into rolling, but having the extra heft definitely helps.

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8 thoughts on “New Kitchen Gadget Round-Up

    1. Oh trust me, I feel you on the hoarder thing. Kitchen gadget are my weakness! I haven’t played too much with the air fryer yet, but it’s pretty cool and super fast.

  1. I love kitchen gadgets! I have been debating a bread maker off and on for a while now. If I only had more counter space it would for sure happen! I enjoyed reading about the gadgets here.

    1. Counter space is a big problem! We have a few appliances we keep out and others that I keep under the cabinet and only take out when needed, which saves some space. My next house just needs a bigger kitchen, I guess.

    1. I hope you get it! I have found that too. I always think my kitchen is full, but then there’s some new toy I just have to have.

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