Dream Kitchen Remodel
(in The Sims 4)

May 17, 2022

I always joke that my dream kitchen has two sinks, two ovens, and two dishwashers. But when I really think about the features I would love to have in my perfect kitchen, well, it’s not that far off! Today I’m sharing my pipe dream kitchen remodel, using my favorite 3D design software: The Sims!

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Since we finished building our new sunroom nearly two years ago, I’ve been trying to think of the next big and small projects we could complete in our house. While a kitchen remodel is definitely not an anytime-soon type of project, it’s fun to imagine.

Plus, I have set some precedent of making big plans in The Sims before they become reality. Before moving into this house, I planned out where all the furniture would go! So naturally, that’s where I turned when it came to my dream kitchen remodel as well. So let’s get into some of my favorite features.

Tip: Use the sliders on the images to see my dream kitchen compared to a recreation of my current kitchen design.

Blue-Green Color Scheme

Back before we bought this house, I put together a mood board for the kitchen, full of greens and blues. If I’m doing a remodel, I would definitely want to stick to those cooler colors, with fresh cabinets and a bold backsplash.

It might even be fun to do some multi-toned cabinets, to feature a strong color like navy as a focal point. Although this design hones in mostly on the blue side, I would use pops of green throughout smaller pieces of decor and functional countertop items.

Technically, I’m already on my way to a cooler hued kitchen! Whenever I buy a small appliance or gadget, I love to get it in a color that I know will continue to grow with any redesigns coming in the future. Here’s a few of my favorite colored accessories I’ve already added.

Better Use of Space

This kitchen was designed with a bay window eat-in space where our sunroom is now. When we removed that bump-out from the kitchen, it made for some wasted space in front of the peninsula. I love the idea of converting that into an island to create another walking path into the kitchen area.

Just this small shift not only makes getting through the kitchen more efficient, but also opens up tons of extra storage space and counter space, which are currently just open floor. A wider island counter means there would be more room for zones, like a distinct eating area and coffee bar.

Do you have dreams of a redesigned kitchen? Here’s are some fun before and after renderings using The Sims 4!

Expanded Pantry Area

There isn’t really a ton of space in the house to create a larger walk-in pantry, without encroaching on other usable spaces. However, a small change in the placement of the doorway into the formal dining room could allow for expansion. This design could more than double our storage, without fully doubling the footprint.

I really love the idea of an open corner pantry that includes built-in drawers and cabinets. This would keep everything looking neat, without the need to take up space with a full door. Currently, I hang my pots and pans in our reach-in pantry, so I’d be sure to have a special area just for those.

Rethinking Corners

Currently, the kitchen shape kind of boxes you in. It makes for a pretty efficient work triangle, but the storage space created by the structure isn’t ideal. Instead, I’d remove corners in the main part of the kitchen, which means none of those hidden corner cabinets to act as a dumping ground.

This also creates an additional wall space that isn’t being used, where I’d put my main upgrade: double wall ovens! This is something that’s been a dream of mine for ages. Just imagine being able to roast at two different temperatures for Thanksgiving dinner, or baking an entire batch of cookies at the same time.

Truly, it’s the dream.

Bonus Upgrade: Wet Bar

I mentioned two ovens above, and here is where you can find sink number two as well. I will admit, this kitchen design only utilizes one dishwasher, however. We currently treat our formal dining room as a bar, but it doesn’t have a sink. That means constant running back and forth into the kitchen when mixing cocktails.

A wet bar would create another kitchen zone, dedicated completely to mixology, and have the added benefit of an additional faucet. That means while my husband is taking care of dishes, he wouldn’t have to pause for me to grab half a cup of water for the saute.

I also love the idea of open shelving, maybe even backlit, to show off our bottle and glassware collection. The mini fridge that’s already there ties it all together, with a place to store beer and wine at the perfect temperature, and keep garnishes cool throughout a party.

This imaginary remodel has my wheels turning for sure, even though I know this is a long-term project. We certainly aren’t knocking out more walls any time soon! What are some of the features you’d consider must-haves in your dream kitchen? Let me know!

Want to Design Your Own?

You can purchase and install The Sims 4, along with your favorite expansion packs to build your own kitchen remodel. I always keep an accurate Sims model of my current home, and use it often to plan big and small projects, furniture purchases and rearrangements, and color experiments.


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