Sun Room Mood Board and Wish List

July 28, 2020

I am so excited to have the chance to do another room mood board! We haven’t been able to do a ton of work on our house this year, but we are making one major change: we’re building a sun room! That means a new space in the house that we can use for entertaining, dining, and relaxing. And another one to decorate. So here’s my sun room mood board and wish list.

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Our sun room will be built in the backyard, on top of an existing deck we have, just off the kitchen. It’s an addition we’ve been looking forward to since we bought the house, and I can’t wait to see the fulfillment of the vision I have for it.

We are looking at using the sun room as a multi-purpose space in our home, that acts as kind of an indoor-outdoor hybrid. We’d like to be able to lounge, dine, and host guests out there throughout the year.

With so many windows, it makes sense to take the outside into account for the color scheme. I decided to stick with grassy greens and sky blue, and brought in a teal that falls in between that can be used for furnishings. This creates an analogous color scheme, anchored by both a dark wood and white neutral.

The inspiration images reflect a feeling of relaxation, that’s also bright and welcoming. It’s open, but still cozy, which creates the perfect space to enjoy a book alone or share a drink with friends. To feel connected to nature and the outdoors, but not be bothered by pesky bugs.

A sun room should be warm, bright, cozy, and full of life. This blue, teal, and green mood board covers it all!

Sun Room Wish List

Because of the changing nature of the room, I have been looking into some modular furniture, so we can easily adjust the layout as needed to suit our purposes. Most of the time, it will be set up for just the two of us and our dogs to enjoy. But when we have guests, we want it to be an easy switch to host them.

For the decor, there will be some large furniture pieces that can act double duty. The gateleg tables from IKEA, I’ve already ordered. I’m excited to be able to keep the tables folded, so they can act as end tables for a modular sofa. When we have guests, we can open those up, and add the folding chairs to dine al fresco.

And we will also want smaller accents to bring in personality, since there isn’t any open wall space for art. This can include everything from table decorations and outdoor picnic-ware, to throw pillows and blankets for lounging.

Another part of this room I can’t forget is that is will be filled with sunshine. That means the chihuahuas will find themselves lounging in here plenty. I want them to feel comfortable and at home as well, which means some puppy-specific accommodations are needed!

On the outside, we are thinking of creating a small vegetable garden around the perimeter. This will almost become part of the decor, because the glass windows will go to the floor. Whatever we decide to add outside will always be visible, on three sides. The fourth side is a large glass door that leads to the kitchen, which actually uses a similar color scheme.

We are still a few weeks away from starting construction, but I am definitely getting antsy. Every day, I’ll think about how having the sun room would affect my schedule and activities. Will I eat breakfast out there? Do work? Maybe enjoy a nightcap with my chihuahuas. It’s going to be a great space!

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11 thoughts on “Sun Room Mood Board and Wish List

  1. I love idea of a sun room! The colors invite you to sit and relax. I like your proposal for the furniture. The LED globe strings are my favorite!

  2. I love sunrooms! Our home doesn’t have one, but if we did, these are all the decor items that I would furnish it with! You have excellent taste!

  3. A wish list is pretty much as good as a vision board and eventually we will get what’s on it if we work towards it… The space is just amazing nonetheless

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