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We’ve been packing for weeks straight. Or well, it feels like that at least. The last few days have been the bulk of it, with a few past weekends as well. All that time (plus the fact that my KitchenAid and pans are nestled up into boxes) means that I haven’t baked a thing recently. That’s why my brain is going crazy with ideas. The produce is coming, and I’m ready for it. Here’s my summer baking wish list, featuring some fun new ideas from fellow bloggers!

June Baking Wish List

I’ll be just settling into a new kitchen, which means it’s a good time to stick to old favorites. I’ve got to test out the oven and figure out how I work. However, I won’t let that hold me back from experimenting with the early summer produce like strawberries, rhubarb, and cherries. June will be filled with some classics like a basic crumble and adventures like baking cherries into brownies!

July Baking Wish List

It’s peak season for cherries and berries, and this summer I’m thinking of trying to work with some of these in ways I haven’t before, like making a roll cake and a custard pie. I’m also expecting a boat load of zucchini to come in through the farm share, which will be a new adventure. July is the month I have the least scheduled plans, so hopefully that means plenty of time for baking!

August Baking Wish List

I am all about stone fruit for August, but in addition to peaches and plums (like ginger peach scones? yum!), I’m hoping to try a few savory dishes this month as well. I’m thinking of what I can do with tomatoes, since I know I prefer them cooked rather than raw, and a rustic tart sounds amazing. This is the month to wrap up the summer season, so it’s got to be good.

Summer Baking Essentials

Last year, I depended on some of my favorite kitchen tools to make plenty of tasty summer treats. And this year, I’ll be doing the same. Here are a few of my favorites.

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17 thoughts on “Summer Baking Wish List

    1. I know, right? It reminds me of this chocolate cherry ice cream I used to eat as a kid. I’m thinking I might need to make that one a couple times! You can make a lot with a hand mixer, or just whisking too, just takes a little longer.

  1. This is such a cool idea!! I need to start a wishlist for kitchen gadgets…. and wouldn’t it be cool to break down each morning and write down something you could bake? Ugh I love baking!

    1. Thanks! I love gathering recipe ideas to plan a few months out. Also, I keep a running list of kitchen gadgets I want. Then when I need to put together a gift list for birthday/holidays, I already have plenty of ideas!

    1. Thank you! Summer is such a great time to start baking again because of all the fresh fruits. I don’t know how anyone could not be inspired by strawberries!

    1. Totally agree! Berry season is one of my favorites, and I’m lucky that we get so many delicious ones locally.

    1. Thank you! Using fresh produce is one of my favorite ways to bake, so I’m excited to see how everything turns out.

  2. What a delicious looking list, Kait! I love your list for June. Strawberry rhubarb is on of my all-time favorites. My grandma made it all the time. She always had rhubarb frozen in the freezer, and I would warm it up and sprinkle on some sugar. I’ve always loved sour flavors haha! Thanks for this great list of inspiration.

    1. That’s such a cute story! I only recently started working with rhubarb in the last few years, but I love it! It’s tart, but bakes up so nicely, and pairs perfectly with berries. I hope you get to eat some rhubarb treats this summer!

  3. Life’s peaches and cream sheet cake looks so amazing! I’m also pregnant, so basically anything looks good. When can I come over?? 🙂

    1. Ugh yes, I am not patient waiting until August for peaches so I can try out that cake! Haha, I’d love to have you visit once I get my b&b off the ground. It will feature plenty of baked treats!

  4. Cherries in place of apples works really well in our traditional family Apple Kuchen recipe! My mom came up w/ that idea when someone sent us a housewarming gift of a cooler full of fresh cherries! Hope you have some baked goods waiting for me when I visit!

    1. That sounds delicious! I’ve never tried it. I’m sure we can make some baked good when you’re here, especially peach and plum dishes, since that’s what will be in seasons.

  5. I just came here from you rhubard crisp recipe and I love the baking goals and intentions! It totally makes learning and growing so much more fun! I might try to do this too

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