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It feels a little bit like all I’ve been writing about lately is wish lists and future planning, but guys, we have a house! Like, we have moved all our furniture and we live there now. However, it’s currently full of boxes of stuff that needs to be sorted and put away, and I’m thinking we could use a few tools to help out with that. Here’s my wish list for some new home organization items that will help our house be totally functional.

Pots & Pans | Hooks

Pantry and Closets: Wire Shelving Organization

The built-in pantry in the kitchen and all the closets throughout our new house are filled with wire shelving systems. These are versatile and easy to work with, but the large gaps between shelves are not entirely functional.

To make them work a little better, I’m thinking of adding a few baskets that suspend underneath each shelf to add some more space for smaller items. Plastic and metal baskets are great for food, and the soft-sided fabric ones work well for clothes and linens. In addition, I’m considering more specialized food storage, like a can rack for the things we buy in bulk, such as beans.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Cabinets can easily get out of hand, especially the deep lower cabinets in the kitchen and all of the under sink bathroom storage. I absolutely love how much storage we have built into the new house, but it’s just not efficient without adding some features.

I like the idea of adding extra shelves to cabinets to increase vertical space, but I’m also drawn to pull out drawers which will help maximize the hard-to-reach space from the back. When it comes to drawers, I like a combination of large divided boxes and individual containers that I can move around as needed.


Displayed Storage & Organization

Kitchen and bathroom counter tops, the tops of dressers, and inside open shelving create a different type of problem. I want storage that is functional, but also attractive and matches the feel of the house and room. This can sometimes be a tough combination.

I love baskets and fabric bins as a starting point. These come is a variety of styles and colors, which makes it easy to match them to any room. In the kitchen, wood and metal is more aesthetically pleasing than plastic. And stoneware, glass, or acrylic works well for bathrooms.

Once we start getting everything sorted, I’ll break down my organization systems in more detail, using a lot of these new items. For now though, it’s back to fighting with boxes for a little bit!

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16 thoughts on “Organization Wish List for a Functional Home

  1. IDK if those rolling shelves would go into your cabinets but I can say that I truly love mine. I have one in each lower cabinet & it makes a world of difference in reaching into the back regions.

    1. We will have to measure before we buy anything, but I do like the idea of rolling shelves and drawers so everything doesn’t get lost in our deep cabinets. I’m lucky we have no hidden corners at least!

    1. Thanks! One extra tip for moving: Organize items in boxes by where they’ll go, not necessarily where they came from. It helps you jump start organizing before you even move.

  2. I need to organize so much in my house. I want to look into hanging pans like that – we have a pretty small kitchen area so maximizing the space is really important.

    1. I am obsessed with hanging my pots and pans. I’ll probably write a whole manifesto post about it (or fit it into another post about kitchen organizing!) It’s so helpful for any size kitchen.

  3. Right now we’ve been decluttering and organizing each room in the apartment and I can’t wait to tackle the kitchen. The kitchen is so chaotic. Pots & pans are so unorganized.

    1. The kitchen is definitely an organizational beast, and it’s so personal. There are tons of ideas out there, and you really need to find what systems work for you. Although, I totally recommend hanging pots/pans! They are much easier to access that way.

    1. What a great opportunity to reorganize! It’s so much easier to start from scratch with empty cabinets and shelves, than it is to reorganize later.

  4. This makes me so excited to move into my new apartment in August! I love organizing even though I’m not the best at it. I really like displayed storage!

    1. Haha, I get it! Developing organizational systems is one of my favorite parts of moving. It’s something that takes practice, and is very personal. You need to figure out what works for you!

  5. I could use all of these in my home right about now. I think my husband and I assumed we wouldn’t be in this townhome long but now it looks as though we might settle here for a while so I really want to make it more functional!

    1. It’s always a good time to make your home function better, even if you think it’s short term. You can learn about how you live now, and that will help you when you do eventually move somewhere else. Good luck!

  6. Love this list! I’ve been searching for some good kitchen organization tools because we’re in an apartment with not that much space! But this is so helpful.

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