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Spring is my favorite season. True, I say that about all the seasons as they are happening, but I think spring is the real deal. I love the flowers, the warming weather, the start of daylight saving time, the feeling that at any moment everyone might burst into song, the candy. (Reese’s peanut butter eggs and peeps anyone?!), and of course: the colors. All of those things are what inspired my spring decor style, and I’m breaking it down for you here. Plus, a close look at my mantel! Let’s get going.

When most people think spring, they are leaning toward Easter egg pastels and colors that remind you of baby rooms. But for me, I take it up a notch. I like to think that my spring color scheme is like when toy companies try to market multi-colored products to girls for no reason: teals and purples and pinks and yellows and greens.

These are the colors of freshly blooming gardens, just awakening from a long wintery slumber. I go bold, because it makes me think of the way the green trees pop after an April rain. Everything glistens, and each hue seems a little more present.

When it comes to visuals, I can’t help but include a few typical motifs like the ducks, but I also like to bring in something to remind me that fresh fruits and vegetables are imminent. That’s why the liquor I put into the display this season is bright and fruity, like raspberry and blood orange liqueurs.

This year, I’m re-purposing a lot of our wedding decor for the mantel. Many of the colors we used there evoke the same feeling that I’m trying to achieve here. These bottles were one of our DIY projects, and I’m happy to see them getting another life here.

I’m also bringing in that spring freshness by featuring a few single stem flowers in the bottles. These are real, but you can accomplish the same look with high-quality fake flowers as well.

What’s your style for spring? Do you like the bold, bright colors, or are in you into more traditional pastel hues? Let me know what you’re doing to decorate your home for spring!

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9 thoughts on “Spring Decor Style and Mantel

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  2. What cute ideas! I love your mantel and especially love the little whimsical duck. So cute and so perfectly spring-like!

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