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Note: Some of the photos in this post are from our wonderful wedding photographers, Larkin and Trevor Photography! Thanks so much for the gorgeous photos.

To save some money on wedding decor, we decided to DIY our centerpieces, using some decorated wine and beer bottles. Here are the three easy wine bottle decor DIYs we used, and how to recreate them for your own celebration or home!

Before you start, you’ll need to collect wine or beer bottles. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, so think about what you want your final product to look like. Sourcing was easy for us. My husband’s family donated every wine bottle used for months before we started the project. This gave us the chance to be selective about which ones to use.

We were also lucky that many of our bottles already had the labels removed. However, some did not. To remove labels, you can soak the bottles in warm water. In a lot of cases, the label will come right off. If it doesn’t, you can use a goo remover cleaner to finish. Then clean and thoroughly dry the bottle before starting.

Lights and Bows

The inspiration for these came from a rule that we couldn’t use real candles, but we still wanted to add some light. Fairy lights were the solution. At first, I ordered some from Wish, which I would not recommend. They took forever to arrive, and the quantity was not correct.

Luckily, I found these lights, which have a cork shaped top, instead. These were perfect for adding to wine and beer bottles. To create the final look, add the lights into the bottle. If you do this with the lights on, you can get a better feel for and adjust the arrangement to remove clusters. Finish it off with a small bow, using a narrow satin ribbon.


This DIY is my favorite one we used. It allowed us to showcase the bright, bold colors that were a big part of making our wedding feel so happy! However, you could use this concept with any variety of color combinations. Try black and a metallic, white with pastels, or a dark and light version of the same hue.

Start with super clean and dry bottles, and add the white coats first. It may take a few coats to fully cover the bottles. Allow them to dry completely, and then tape off the sections that you want to remain white. For the wine bottles, we used a sheet of paper around the top to save on masking tape.

Once taped thoroughly (check for any holes or edges sticking up), add the colored paint. Again, this may take a couple coats, depending on the paint you use. Allow to dry completely, and remove the tape.

Photo Finish

For this last set of bottles, our goal was to feature some gorgeous adventure location we had visited together. We named each table after a place we explored, and we wanted to show off photos. I found this wine label sticker paper, which was perfect.

First, create a base for the labels. You can keep the bottles clear if you’d like, but we decided to use a chrome spray paint as a background. We liked how this color picked up the bright colors and fairy lights from the other designs.

Once the bottles are completely dry, print out your label designs or pictures onto the sticker paper. It comes with templates so the alignment will be perfect! Then stick on the labels. If you use paint, you’ll probably need to add a dot of super glue to the corner of each label to help the adhesive.

All Together

We created both of these styles in wine and beer bottle sizes. We used six bottles for each centerpiece, and then added a table name (cut out using a Silhouette, and then spray painted). We added fresh flowers into the open bottles.

Now, I’ve been using individual bottles around my house for different decor displays and vignettes. Here’s a few ideas of how you can use these DIYs to create your own:

  • Mix and match colors of fairy lights with different colored bottles, to create a rainbow fairy light forest.
  • Add single stem flowers in matching on contrasting colors to the color-blocked bottles. Pair wine and beer bottles to vary heights.
  • Use photo labels to display some of your favorite family photos on end tables, as an alternative to frames.
  • Mix color-blocked bottles with photo labels in coordinating colors to create colorful shelf vignettes.
  • Add fairy light bottles towards the back of your home bar, to add a glow to your liquor bottles.

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12 thoughts on “Three Easy Wine Bottle Decor DIYs

    1. Yes, you could totally use similar techniques for other types of glass jars! And that wine label sticker paper was a lifesaver.

  1. Finally something to do with all of my empty wine bottles! LOL! Seriously, though, these look like really cool centerpiece ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. For my wedding, I collected over 30 wine bottles and my friends spray painted them in shades of gold, rose gold, and champagne to place as centerpieces on the tables at our reception. They were gorgeous! I love wine bottle DIYs!

  3. I really like the lights idea! I have a few wine bottles I saved just because they were really pretty ones and I’d like to display them but wasn’t sure what to do. I might try this!

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