The coffee and tea debate has always felt so strange to me. Give me all the hot beverages in the morning, when I’m not feeling well, when I need to relax. My tea collection is extensive, and to a lot of guests’ surprise, it’s mostly caffeine-free. I’ve discussed a little about why I don’t drink caffeine before. But today I’m sharing some of my favorite decaffeinated and naturally caffeine-free tea bags that I always have on hand in my collection.

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When I can’t decide what kind of tea to have, I usually end up going with peppermint. I like that it’s an easy and uncomplicated flavor to enjoy, but that you can also find it as an ingredient in fun blends. When it’s steeping, peppermint tea is my favorite to just hold and breathe in the aroma.

Try: Bigelow Mint Medley, TJ’s Candy Cane or Peppermint


If you are looking for the perfect tea to have of cup of later in the evening or just before bed, try chamomile. This tea has been used as a natural remedy for insomnia and relaxation. Although there isn’t much data to back that up, it always makes me feel calmer, just smelling it and breathing in the steam.

Try: Traditional Medicinals Lavender Chamomile, Tazo Calm Chamomile

Rooibos Blends

Rooibos or redbush tea is made from the leaves of the plant of the same name, which naturally contains no caffeine. It’s a good alternative to black or green tea, since it’s often served in the same manner. I like rooibos with milk and sugar, or combined with other herbal flavors.

Try: TJ’s Red Rooibos Herbal Blend, Numi Chocolate Rooibos

Soothing Ginger

When I’m battling a cold, I use tea as my primary means of managing my symptoms, so I really like having a few different flavors on hand that add a little more than just being a hot liquid. I always feel like the ginger can clear out stuffiness, and it’s often paired with lemon that soothes my sore throats.

Try: TJ’s Ginger Turmeric, Bigelow Lemon Ginger Probiotic

Seasonal Fruity Blends

These can get really fun and unique, so I like to keep a few varieties around depending on the season. Citrus blends for winter, berries in spring, peach in the summer, and apple for fall are the main flavors I look for. I like to experiment to see how different companies balance out the fruits with other seasonal florals and spices.

Try: TJ’s Harvest Blend, Bigelow Perfect Peach

Decaf Black Teas

These can be tough, so be careful. The decaffeinating process can add some flavors to tea that are undesirable. For example, I’d stay away from decaf Irish Breakfast, as I’ve had more than one brand that just didn’t translate. However, black teas with more robust or aromatic flavors can work well. Plus your guests will appreciate the options!

Try: Tazo Decaf Chai, Twinings Decaf Earl Grey

What are your favorite types of caffeine free tea? There are so many options out there, and they are perfect for enjoying yourself, or having available for guests who don’t consume caffeine.

Want more tea? Try a vegan chai latte green smoothie. For another warm beverage choice, check out almond Irish coffee hot cocoa.

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12 thoughts on “Caffeine Free Tea Bags to Add to Your Collection

    1. Chamomile is such a delicious and interesting flavor. It’s great that there are so many choices for caffeine free so you can still enjoy tea while pregnant!

  1. I usually stick with peppermint and camomile for my teas but you’re right, I can throw some fruity blends in there too! Next time, I am going to grab some of those from the store!

    1. Those are definitely ones I always have around, too, but it’s always fun to expand. I love grabbing single fruits and then making my own mixes by using two two bags.

    1. I have a ton of teas as well! Some days I am just in the mood for tea, and it’s great to always have one on hand to fill that craving!

  2. I normally lean towards black teas with caffeine, but I do enjoy a good rooibos! Plus I like fruity herbal teas. We usually have those around because it’s the only kind of tea my husband likes.

    1. Caffeinated teas are delicious as well, and I usually keep one or two on hand for guests. Fruity herbal teas are great for beginners or those who don’t enjoy the tannic flavor of black tea.

  3. I’m not sure I even knew they offered decaf black teas! I do have chamomile, peppermint, and a few fruity options though. I also have a bedtime tea and a calming tea I absolutely *adore* for when I’m feeling anxious or dealing with insomnia!

    1. Like I mentioned, be careful with decaf black teas. Some just don’t work! Those blends sound delicious. I love having chamomile lavender before bed or to relax, since both of those flavors can make be calm.

  4. My favorites are Christmas in Paris by Stash which is a peppermint with chocolate and vanilla, Caramel Apple rooibos by Republic of Tea, and Cinnamon Cardamom which is an all spice blend by Republic of Tea.

    1. Those all sound delicious and super decadent! I haven’t tried much from Republic of Tea or Stash, but it sounds like they make some really interesting flavors, so I will need to check them out.

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