If you’ve been following along with the baking survival kit, then by now you have the ingredients, tools, and pans to bake almost anything. You even have the inspiration of some incredible cookbooks. However, let’s get even deeper. These baking accessories will upgrade your kitchen from just the basics, and you’ll always be prepared – no matter what you want to bake!

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When you’re baking, do you like to focus on something specific, like making bread or decorating cakes, or are you up for anything? Either way, you’ll find some incredible upgrades here that will take your kitchen gadgets to the next level. With these tools, you are sure to impress at any gathering.

Let’s start with some specialties, and then I’ll point you toward the must-have items for general, everyday baking. For each item, I’ve included two recommended choices: the save version will be less expensive, but the splurge version may be higher-quality, or more of a display piece.

Must-Have Tools for Bread Baking

Making bread can range from an enriched yeast dough like challah, something quick rising like banana bread, to the fun adventure of raising a sourdough starter. There is just something about the way your home smells and the joy of eating a fresh, warm slice. These tools will help you get there.

For sourdough or other yeasted breads that need to rise, you can use bannetons, or brotform bread rising baskets. These wicker baskets are specially designed to allow bread to rise in the way that best suits it. They come in a variety of shapes, like round and oblong for different loaves. Buy now: save or splurge.

One of my favorite pans for bread is my mini loaf pan. Instead of making a whole recipe in a single loaf pan, you can make smaller versions. This is great for gifts or party favors. And it also gives you the opportunity to experiment with different mix-ins or toppings. Buy now: save or splurge.

Every good slice of bread needs a soft pat of butter. A French-style butter keeper is the best way to store your butter, and keep it perfectly soft and spreadable for bread. It uses water to create an airtight seal that will keep your butter fresh at room temperature for longer. Buy now: save or splurge.

The Best Gadgets for Making Cookies

Cookies are one of my favorite things to bake! They are quick and easy, and there’s so much variety. They can range from simple mini chocolate to skillet cookies, to surprising miso peanut butter cup cookies. Or try filling them with frosting like these cream cheese oatmeal cookies.

Every cookie baker knows the struggle of cookies that spread too far and run into one another. Luckily, you can get a silicone baking mat especially for cookies, that includes markings for perfectly spacing the dough. Plus, these reusable mats can replace parchment paper! Buy now: save or splurge.

If you’re looking to really impress with your rolled or cut-out cookies, nothing is cooler than using an embossing rolling pin. These wooden rolling pins include intricate carvings that allow you to roll out your dough, and imprint it with a fun design. Buy now: save or splurge.

The secret to perfectly uniform cookies every single time is a set of cookie scoops. These are spring-loaded, and allow you to easily scoop and drop dough onto your cookie sheet. They save you time, and make it super easy for all your cookies to be the same size and shape. Buy now: save or splurge.

How to Make Gorgeous Cakes & Cupcakes

Cake decorating is an area of baking that I haven’t ventured much into, but it is always so impressive when someone creates a stunning layer cake with perfectly piped details or a set of cupcakes made into a flower bouquet. Here’s what you need to get that done.

A cake stand can serve two purposes: first, it’s an impressive display piece, elevating your cake so everyone can see its beauty. Plus if it’s a rotating one, like these selections, you can use it while decorating, so you can easily pipe around the entire cake. Buy now: save or splurge.

If you really want to make some incredible cakes and aren’t sure where to start, get yourself a set of pastry tips. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can use them to create all kinds of different flowers and shapes. Buy now: save or splurge.

Have you ever had a cake that is leaning just a little bit? Well, there’s no need for Merryweather-style mishaps when you have a cake leveler. This tool goes around your baked cake, and allows you to cut perfectly even and level layers. Buy now: save or splurge.

Impress Your Guests With Pastry & Pies

Everyone loves pie, since it’s such a classic treat. But not everyone likes working with pie crust and other pastry dough. They can be fickle and sticky and resistant all at once. But when you’re serving up some super classy pies, these tools will make it easy to impress.

For all those cute cut out shapes on top of pie crusts, or to easily make uniform tartlets or puff pastries, you’ll want a set of pastry cutters. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which allow you to quickly and easily cut gorgeous shapes with scalloped edges. Buy now: save or splurge.

If you’re like me, you roll out your pie crust and then keep placing the pie pan over the top to make sure it’s the right size. But if you have a silicone pat with measurements, you’ll always know that your pie crust is perfectly round and perfectly sized. Buy now: save or splurge.

Presentation doesn’t stop at the baking step. You’ll also want to impress your guests when serving up a slice of your incredible pie. A gorgeous antique pie server, or a simple classic one can make all the difference. Buy now: save or splurge.

Upgrades You Need to Bake Everyday

Whether you’re whisking up cream or egg whites, you’ve probably given the mixing bowl a little tilt. But then you have to hold it in the air or in place. With either a tilted bowl or a silicone bowl holder, you can get the perfect tilt for whisking every time. Buy now: save or splurge.

Divide dough pieces, clean up scraps, and quickly scrape your rolling surface with a dough scraper. This tool is a total lifesaver when it comes to baking everything from bread to pies to cookies. Buy now: save or splurge.

Have you ever tried to pour spices from their tiny jars into a tablespoon? It goes everywhere! You need measuring spoons that are perfectly sized to fit into those small openings. Plus these usually come with a 3/4 tsp, my favorite measuring spoon! Buy now: save or splurge.

It’s time to upgrade your kitchen with these 15 baking gadgets that are sure to make delicious and gorgeous treats!

Now you’re all ready to create the most incredible baked goods. Whether you are making bread, cookies, cakes, or pies, your guests will rave about these tasty treats!


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16 thoughts on “Baking Accessories to Upgrade Your Kitchen [Baking Survival Kit]

  1. This is such a great post! I am a huge baker myself and love it so I may need to invest in some of these gadgets. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There’s lots of great tools listed here! I definitely need to step up my game when it comes to baking and will have to look into some of these items I don’t have!I do like bread baking and would like more tools to make it easier

  3. oh god these look amazing and the pictures are making me crave some cookies. i’ve been baking a lot in quarantine so might have to buy a few of these! thank you for the great recommendations:)

  4. This post has really made me want to get back into baking. Some really great tools here on the list, definitely great to take your baking to another level!
    Haven’t heard of the wicker baskets for proving the bread so I have learnt something new today!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  5. Oh boy! So many of these products are going on my wishlist, for sure. I’ve been baking so much since lockdown, and I’ve learned a lot! The number one thing I’ve learned: I love baking! I definitely want to up my game, and I think I need a bunch of these tools to make that happen. Thanks for sharing, friend!

  6. Wow, there are so many wonderful accessories here – I had no idea a butter keeper existed, I’ll definitely be looking into that, thank you! Lisa 🙂

  7. Thank you for the recommendations, this is great! I have a silicone baking sheet that I really like, so I’m hoping to get a few more. And I’ve been thinking about getting some nicer pastry tips so I’m going to check out the ones you’ve shared!

  8. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in the kitchen but I’m not much of a baker because you have to be so precise with measuring. I have never heard of bannetons, or brotform bread rising baskets! Since I am actually starting to bake more, I’ll have to look into these! Great post!

  9. I had to pin that cc oatmeal cookie! Thanks for the option on the offers of save or splurge. I have learned if you bake “a lot” like we do sometimes the splurge is really worth it.

    1. I completely agree! It’s worth it to spend the money on a better quality item if you know you’re going to use it. However, I like to have the cheaper option for someone just getting started, or who wants to target their focus on a different type of baking.

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