32 Holiday Hors D’oeuvres for a Christmas Cocktail Hour

December 14, 2021

We’ve been talking a lot about holiday drinks this month, and don’t worry, there are plenty more to come. But what’s a Christmas cocktail hour without tasty two-bite treats? These holiday hors d’oeuvres are sure to impress no matter what your guests are sipping on.

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Full On Festive Finger Foods

Select one of these to be the centerpiece of your grazing table or appetizer display. Or go all out, and make one of each for a cocktail hour that is sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit. How adorable are those little penguins? Your guests won’t believe they are made from cream cheese!

Christmas Tree Bread

From Little House Big Alaska

Vegan Snowman Cheese Ball

From Cadry’s Kitchen

Christmas Caprese Salad

From Maple + Mango

Puff Pastry Pesto Trees

From Cooking My Dreams

Christmas Tree Cheese Ball

From Little Sunny Kitchen

Cream Cheese Penguins

From Sula and Spice

Olive Christmas Tree

From Cooking on the Front Burners

Guacamole Christmas Wreath

From Veggies Save the Day

Christmas Colored Canapes

Keep adding on to the seasonal factor of what you’re serving by leaning into the classic Christmas combination of red and green. You don’t need everything to be a fun shape, but allowing the food to shine in these naturally complementary colors will definitely have everyone thinking about jingle bells.

Cucumber Hummus Bites

From A Cedar Spoon

Spinach Artichoke Pinwheels

From Barley & Sage

Winter Holiday Salad

From Maple + Mango

Taste of Winter Tidbits

When you think of winter flavors, there’s plenty of spice, dried fruits, and foods that tend to preserve well. Honey, cheeses, and pastries take it all to the next level by making everything feel rich and decadent. Fill out your holiday hors d’oeuvres display with plenty of these festive flavors, like cranberry, figs, and even Christmas pudding!

Cranberry Cream Cheese Pinwheels

From The Gifted Gabber

Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates

From A Sweet Alternative

Beet and Goat Cheese Bites

From Peel With Zeal

Christmas Pudding Protein Balls

From Intentional Hospitality

Apple Polenta Gorgonzola Bites

From Dancing Through the Rain

Cheesy Apple Bites

From Foolproof Living

Christmas cocktail hour isn’t complete without some delicious bites to eat! Enjoy one or all of these 32 holiday hors d’oeuvres at your festive gatherings.

Joyful Dips

A few big bowls of dip are a perfect centerpiece to start a conversation, especially if you have plenty of different dippers for fun combinations. Balance out the selection with a mix of hot and cold, creamy and chunky, and salty and spicy. And don’t forget to arrange the crudite and crackers so everyone has something to scoop with.

Cranberry Jalapeno Dip

From The Fresh Fig

Spicy Artichoke Dip

From Peanut Blossom

Baked Brie with Pesto

From The Lazy Slowcooker

Creamy Labne Dip

From JZ Eats

More Two-Bite Treats

If your buffet isn’t full yet, there are plenty more delicious delights to add to the first course of your festive feast. Each of these small bites brings something special to the table that is sure to help with holiday spirit. Plus, there’s no happier crowd than one that isn’t hungry. By the time they get through these, your guests may not even need dinner!

Mini Vegan Sausage Pies

From Spabettie

Spanikopita Triangles

From The Vegan Larder

Vegan Cocktail Meatballs

From Rhubarbarians

Don’t Forget the Drinks

It’s not a celebration without some glasses to clink together, so be sure your cocktail hour has a few potent potables as well. Start with this collection of cozy winter warmers, and then you can mix up a few Christmas old fashioneds or some hazelnut eggnog for the traditionalists. A strawberry shrub julep is the perfect choice for those who prefer something zero-proof.

Serving Supplies

When it comes to appetizers, think both big and small — big serveware and small portions. Start with a large slate board, a wooden cheese board and a nice big serving bowl. Then for each guest, have a small tapas plate available, along with some dessert forks and demitasse spoons.


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