20 Winter Cocktails to Warm You Up Inside

January 26, 2021

Even though the weather hasn’t been too terrible here, this winter is hitting harder than some past years. But instead of trying to fight it, lean into it. Leave the cold air and snowscapes outside the window, and get your cozy on. I have pulled together a collection of 20 winter cocktails that are sure to help your hygge and warm you from the inside out this season!

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Each of these drinks is a special way to get around the winter chill. They are all either served warm or full of warming flavors – like coffee, chocolate, dark fruits, and comfortable fragrant spices. There are enough drinks here to get you through all of the coldest days, and then remake your favorites over and over!

Coffee Cocktails

There are few things less comforting than a warm cup of coffee. After all, we’ve built an entire culture around it. With these delicious drinks, you can add something a little extra to start your morning, end your evening, or sip throughout the day.

Kentucky Bourbon Coffee

From Champagne Tastes

Authentic Rüdesheimer Coffee

From Christina’s Cucina

White Russian Coffee

From Ramshackle Pantry

Salted Caramel Irish Coffee

From Hezzi D’s Books and Cooks

Cups of Cocoa

The ultimate warm drink of childhood, the flavor of hot chocolate is a nostalgic treat. But there is nothing that takes chocolate to the next level like adding a little bit of liquor! These selections are sweet and decadent and the perfect dessert to enjoy with your fuzziest blanket.

Boozy Coconut Hot Chocolate

From Windy City Dinner Fairy

The Ultimate Chocolate Martini

From Become Betty

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

From A Nerd Cooks

Chai Spiced Sips

For a couple years, a chai latte was my go-to drink to get through the winter. It didn’t matter what local or chain coffee shop was nearby, that’s what I ordered. These drinks take their base or inspiration from the aromatic flavors of this favorite, and add just enough alcohol to make you feel even warmer.

Chai Old Fashioned

From Burrata & Bubbles

Coconut Chai Hot Toddy

From Running to the Kitchen

Chai White Russian

From Treat Yo’Self NY

What’s in your glass or mug this winter that’s keeping you cozy? These twenty boozy beverages are sure to warm you up!

Cider Selections

Some may think of apple and cider as exclusively a fall treat. But I’m here to tell you that you should enjoy these sweet and fruity concoctions all throughout the winter as well. Each one is like one of your favorite fruit bakes in a glass or mug, and will keep you perfectly cozy.

Boozy Hot Apple Cider

From Emily Fabulous

Spiced Apple Brandy

From Straight to the Hips, Baby

Hot Apple Pie Cocktail

From What a Girl Eats

Apple Brandy Alexander

From Slumber & Scones

An Alcoholic Assortment

There are so many more flavors than just those four to sip this season. These four are forward with the liquor, strong and revitalizing. Each is its own special type of winter warmer, sure to pique your interest and keep you cozy. Pair any one of these with a favorite book and your fireplace.

amaretto old fashioned
Amaretto Old Fashioned

From Slumber & Scones

Bourbon Hot Toddy

From A Taste for Travel

Hot Buttered Brandy

From Lin’s Food

Hot White Russian

From My Kitchen Love

So, do you think you’ve found a new favorite? I know I’m thinking of trying each and every one of the winter cocktails in this collection throughout the next couple months. Which ones caught your eye?


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12 thoughts on “20 Winter Cocktails to Warm You Up Inside

  1. That chai white russian has my name all over it. I used to love a white russian…and a black russian for that matter. Can’t remember the last time I had one. Awesome roundup! Thanks!

  2. So many of these look great and it’s supposed to get really cold this weekend so it would be the perfect time to make them! I’ve been really into chai lately so those are definitely on my list, and the boozy PB hot chocolate sounds incredible!

  3. What a veritable collection of deliciousness! Thank you for including me. It’s been dark, windy and wet here in the UK, and looks like it’s going to continue that. I’m going to go through this whole list!

  4. Omg yummy always looking for comforting recipes and aren’t super alcoholic filled. These are very comforting and cute to share with others. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You put coffee AND chai cocktails in one post and expect me to not FREAK OUT WITH EXCITEMENT? (Or maybe you DO expect that of me haha). These all sound like such incredible drinks! I want to make every one of them right now haha!

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