16 Best Gifts for Bakers [2020 Gift Guide]

November 10, 2020

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is thinking about the holidays! Dinners, celebrations, and of course, presents. To make things a bit easier for you, I have pulled together a few gift guides this season. Today, we are digging deep into the best gifts for bakers. Whether you are shopping for friends and family, or putting together your own wish list, you are sure to find something perfect.

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Kitchen Gadgets & Tools

The trick to gifting kitchen items is to find that balance between something that’s lovely enough to display, and useful enough to keep within easy reach. If you can add a little bit of personality by featuring a non-baking interest, that makes it feel even more special.

Embossed Rolling Pin
Pizza & Pastry Roller.
  1. Embossed Rolling Pin from Etsy: Make some cookies that really express your personality by rolling out these cute shapes into the cookie dough. I love the space patterns on this version, but there are so many varieties with different designs!
  2. Pizza & Pastry Roller from Norpro: This little gadget is cute enough to display on your counter, and small enough to tuck away. It’s a simple way to roll and spread out all your favorite crusts, sweet or savory.
  3. Wooden Bread Lame Set from Mudder: For all the bread bakers out there, a lame set is the only way to get those gorgeous designs carved into your rustic, homemade loaves.
  4. Tiered Cupcake Stand from Yelife: This gorgeous three-tiered platter is the perfect solutions for cupcakes bakers, pastry chefs, or anyone who wants to show off their baked goods. Imagine serving an afternoon tea on this tray filled with cream puffs and lemon bars.

Baking Themed Accessories

Similar to kitchen gadgets, you want these accessories to be pretty. If someone is going to display something in their home, it should have character, charm, and be well-crafted. But keeping these baking themed means showing off some personality too!

Set of 3 Baking Ornaments
Kitchenaid Mixer Cover
Baking Tea Towels
  1. Baking Ornaments from Etsy: Deck the halls with these adorable stocking stuffers. The detail in this set of a whisk, spatula, and rolling pin ornaments is so homey. Hang them on a tree, or keep them up year-round on hooks.
  2. KitchenAid Mixer Cover from Etsy: Don’t let a baker’s favorite tool get dusty when it’s not in use. A quilted cover with a witty slogan is eye-catching and useful.
  3. Baking Tea Towels from Etsy: These are the perfect towels to hang in the kitchen of any bread baker. The hand drawn design is so fun, and captures all the parts of the process. I would love to cover some dough with this towel while it proofs.
  4. Woodland Cupcake Wrappers from Pop Fizz Designs: Cake bakers will love to serve up their treats in these adorable wrappers! If woodland creatures aren’t a favorite design, there are so many styles to choose from for this fun stocking stuffer.

Unique Ingredients

I love experimenting with new flavors, colors, and ideas in my kitchen. A gift of ingredients or edible decorations can be a fun way to challenge the baker in your life. Plus, you’ll probably get to play taste tester.

Artisan Jams & Jellies Assorted 12-pack
  1. Mermaid Sprinkles from Sweets Indeed: A fun blend of colors and shapes is a great way to make cookies and cupcakes unique. There is a sprinkle mix for everyone out there, even mermaid lovers!
  2. Food Extract Set from Angel Bake: Add some unique flavors to cookies and cakes with some extracts that are a little bit beyond basic vanilla or almond. Doesn’t rose extract just sound amazing?
  3. Espresso Powder from King Arthur Baking: This is my secret ingredient, and if you haven’t been using espresso powder in any of your chocolate bakes, it’s time to start. I always have a jar of this on hand, but getting more as a gift would always be welcome.
  4. Artisan Jams & Jellies from Etsy: Spread these jams and jellies on freshly baked bread, use them in danishes or thumb-print cookies, and fill up some donuts. You can pick out a few favorites or go for a variety.

Subscription Boxes

Sign up for a multi-month delivery for gifts that are amazing gifts in all the months in between the holidays! These subscription boxes are the best surprise for a special someone who is always in front of the oven.

Hardcover Cook
Fresh Baked Cookie Crate
Mix Box by Homemade Bakers
Kekao Box
  1. Hardcover Cook: A quarterly subscription that includes a new cookbook and a selection of curated ingredients and supplies to go along with it. There’s a box just for baking books.
  2. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate: For all the cookie lovers out there, each monthly box comes with the ingredients to make your own fresh batch of cookies, and some cookie-themed surprises.
  3. Mix Box by Homemade Bakers: Bake something new each month with pre-portioned ingredients and fun new techniques. Plus, you can always swap the monthly box to make cinnamon rolls instead, any time you want.
  4. Kekao Box: Have rich and interesting craft chocolate bars delivered every month, perfect for brownie lovers, or anyone who wants to keep trying new types of chocolate in their baked goods.

Are you a baker or do you love one? You can’t miss this list of the 16 best gifts for bakers this holiday season!

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4 thoughts on “16 Best Gifts for Bakers [2020 Gift Guide]

  1. Such a great list! I’m not a huge baker but I want all of them haha. I’m especially interested in those fun extracts – a great gift for someone who wants to make their treats have more interesting flavors but doesn’t want to spring for a flavor that they might not love.

  2. As a baking addicted person, I approve of all of these haha!
    I can’t have enough cake/cupcakes stands, to be honest!

  3. That tiered cupcake stand actually makes me feel a little emotional – my mom has that exact one or at least one really similar, and she puts it out for Christmas cookies every year at the holidays. We won’t be able to go home for Christmas this year so I may have to buy one for myself because it makes me think of good memories <3

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