11 Spring Color Palettes to Awaken Your Home Decor

March 23, 2021

Spring is here, and the weather in Upstate NY is temporarily cooperating. I’ve been in a springy mood for about a month now, but it’s a lot easier once I begin decorating with the floral decorations and soft colors of spring. It can be easy to get stuck in the Easter color schemes, so I’ve pulled together eleven duos that are sure to spark some springy inspiration. Which of these spring color palettes is perfect for your home?

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Some years we are well into March before I even think about taking down my Christmas decorations. Others I am quick to replace the green and gold garlands with bright florals. Whatever your decorating timeline or style, you are sure to find a new favorite set of colors to create your seasonal decor.

Why pairs? It’s a lot easier to incorporate a smaller seasonal palette into a room in your home by adding just a couple colors instead of feeling like you need to fully redecorate each season. Any of these will go with neutral year-round decor, or you can choose one that includes a color you already feature.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post at a different time of year, you may be more interested in decorating for fall. You’re in luck! I have eleven fall color pairings all ready for you!

There’s nothing like a pop of a warm pink to make it truly feel like spring. I love the balance of this color scheme and how easy it would be to incorporate it into any decor style, from classic to farmhouse to modern to boho.

Set of 4 printable blush pink hunter green and gold geometric

Pink and Green Carved Taper Candles

When I was young, the crocuses were the first flowers to bloom each spring, and subsequently the first to be eaten by rabbits. I remember loving the bold purple color, and so I decided to pair it here with an icy blue to remind you of the end of winter.

Blue and Purple Spring Wreath

Wisteria Whisper Soft Fuzzy Throw Blanket Soft One Side

These colors together just feel cozy, but not like winter hot cocoa cozy. Instead it’s more like laying in the sun with a puppy and a delicious sweet treat. It reminds me of the rainbow of nature, and all of the baby animals we’ll be seeing soon.

Unique Geode Shape Resin Coasters Agate Coaster Teal and

A sure sign that it’s truly spring in Rochester, NY, is the Lilac Festival. The clusters of these light purple flowers release a perfume that fills the city, letting everyone know that (hopefully) the snow is gone for the year. Incorporate these colors in your decor by bringing the nature inside.

Round Green&Purple succulent wreath Live plants

Purple Heron Throw Pillow or Cover 14 x 20

Green and yellow is about as close to quintessential spring as you can get. With these two colors together, you can almost taste the bright freshness of lemons and limes, but the slight coolness of the meadowy green reminds you that it’s not quite summer yet.

Yellow Green Throw Pillow Cover Modern Mix and Match Pillow

Yellow Green glass carafe set with a tray and wood lid

When we lived in the DC area, a main highlight of spring was the cherry blossoms, and that’s where the inspiration for this color pairing is from. It’s soft and delicate, but still captures the joy of those first few warm spring days.

40x80 nomad sky bleu and pink stripe

Art Print Poster Cotton Candy Pink Clouds Blue Sky wall art

What are your favorite colors for spring decorating? Get started on making your home feel fresh and awakened with these 11 mini mood boards!

I love the warmth of this particular palette, and how it feels like it truly captures the colors you first see during the winter to spring transition. There’s a particular glow and a sense of growth that you can complement with tons of greenery.

Eucalyptus Floral PLATTER sized Plates / Botanical Wedding

Green Herbs Flour Sack Towel

This is one for the bold. The bright dark pink is balanced out by a splash of sunshine, reminding me of those two-toned tulips. Grab a bouquet of those and some fun loud prints, instead of soft and delicate, with these colors.

Mod Floral Placemats Set of 2 Bold Blooms On White by

Dark Pink Tulip Bundle pink Tulip flower pink Tulip for

It’s brunch season! So break out the mimosas and linen napkins for this bright and fun color pairing. I love a good monochrome color scheme, and spring is the perfect excuse for shades of this fresh orangey yellow.

If you’re not careful, this color scheme can get a little mermaidy. Lean into that if you’d like, especially if you are looking for the whimsy this pinkish-purple and light teal provide. Or go a bit more graphic, with bold prints and animals.

There’s a certain rustic coziness to the combination of a blush pink and light dove grey. I imagine these colors paired with soft, flowy textures like chiffon and organic prints and shapes like peonies and birds.

Which of these is your favorite to incorporate into your own spring decor this year? For me, I am all about adding some brightness with Mimosa & Eggshell in my kitchen and living areas. In my office, I can easily introduce the pale teal of Snowmelt into my decor that already coordinates with the pinky purple Tulip.


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5 thoughts on “11 Spring Color Palettes to Awaken Your Home Decor

  1. These colors are all so beautiful and make me so excited for spring!! We still will get more snow here in the UP of MI but I can’t wait to have fresh flowers in my home!

  2. There are so many beautiful color combos here. I also like to see that spring doesn’t have to be all pastels because I prefer bright colors! I really like the purples here as well as the meadow and chick combo.

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