11 Fall Color Schemes to Get You Started With Decorating

September 8, 2020

I’ve said it many times before, and this year is no different: I love decorating for fall! There’s something about the bold and rich gradients of ripening fruits and changing leaves that just pulls me right in. This year, I’m thinking a lot about color pairs, pulling from the beauty of nature, and bringing it into the home. I’ve put together eleven fun fall color schemes, complete with some mini mood boards, and a few decor ideas to get you started. Now let’s get decorating!

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Denim & Wheat

Blue and gold has always been such a classic combination. These two colors together create a calm and cozy atmosphere that makes it easy to transition from fall into winter. It’s reminiscent of night skies and breakfast in bed.

Plum & Honey

This pair really captures the gradient of warm colors in the changing leaves and in the sweet early fall fruits. I feel like plum is a new fall classic, as one of the prettiest jewel tones. These two together have a regal feel that can still work with a rustic style.

Cider & Frost

There’s no better way to start a frosty, chilly morning than with a piping hot cup of warm apple cider. These colors create a transitional contrast, perfect for that period when the leaves have mostly fallen and the ground is starting to freeze, but it hasn’t quite snowed. It’s a super cozy look.

Mocha & Moonlight

This neutral palette might be the coziest and the most rustic-farmhouse of all the color pairs in this list. These two colors work in a warm-toned home, without much added color. It reminds me of the evenings getting darker, and glints of moonlight across a hardwood floor.

Evergreen & Mist

A natural, green-forward pairing makes it easy to transition from bold summer greenery, right into the hearty evergreens of fall. This is a great scheme for an outdoor space or conservatory. It’s easy to switch from fresh decorative gourds to garlands, making it excellent for transitioning to Christmas as well.

Teal & Butternut

One of my favorites on this list, this color combo is quickly becoming a fall classic. I’ve been seeing teal pumpkins popping up everywhere, and you really can’t beat the pale yellow-orange of a butternut squash. Try out this style for something trendy, but that will always feel like fall.

Slate & Fireside

The most Halloween-forward of all of these color schemes, but with a little bit of a classier twist. I like how the pop of color accents a more muted neutral to create a fun and warm look. This pair can take you from ghosts and ghouls all the way through Thanksgiving dinner.

Get started on your fall decor, with these 11 color schemes and mini mood boards!

Moss & Maize

This lighter pair works so well when transitioning out of summer. The colors take their inspiration from one of my favorite summer-fall treats: sweet corn on the cob. But the mossy green makes it more moody than sunny, bringing a coziness into this versatile palette.

Apple & Ash

These colors are big and bold, perfect for when you really want to make a statement that it is fall and you are ready. The bright red makes it so easy to transition into Christmas, and the cool and dark ash is an easy neutral to work with all year long. Plus you can decorate with real apples for a tasty twist!

Sunflower & Sage

The orange tones in this bright sunshine yellow are what makes this feel a bit more like fall than summer. However, it’s a great transition palette. Use the dusty sage to ground pops of the bold sunflower for a fall look that is warm and natural.

Pumpkin & Wine

I see this color scheme at a classy adult autumn gathering, full of roasted squash and glasses of red wine. Both colors have their own boldness, but also contrast each other nicely. You can easily pull in your favorite neutrals for balance, or keep the focus on these two for a louder style.

Which color scheme is your favorite?

I love thinking about each room in my home as a separate space, so I can use more colors and a variety of decor. When choosing a fall scheme for a room or your entire home, keep in mind the feel and colors of the permanent pieces. Think about whether your neutrals are warm or cool, and what decor pieces will stay throughout the seasons.

But also, don’t be afraid to break the rules!


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21 thoughts on “11 Fall Color Schemes to Get You Started With Decorating

  1. Plum and honey and apple and ash! Thanks for all of the color scheme ideas. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s too early to whip out my fall decorations (I live in CA).

  2. So many pretty color combos! I love fall decor because orange is my favorite color, so I can incorporate a lot of that. My goal this week is to really straighten up my house so I can bring out the fall decorations!

  3. These are great combos! I love the mocha and moonlight – you are right, it’s just so cozy but classy. I also like the slate & fireside combo too though – I want those placemats now!

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