Themed Brunch Wish List: Wonderland Aesthetic

August 23, 2022

One of the most fun parts about hosting brunch is choosing a theme or style. In this series, we’ll be exploring popular aesthetics and how you can apply them to your brunch parties!

Invite your guests to fall down the rabbit hole into a world where nothing makes sense, except the delicious brunch treats you’ll be serving! Bring the preposterous themes of Alice and friends to your next event by hosting a Wonderland brunch.

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What is the Wonderland Aesthetic?

This aesthetic is defined by a bold and whimsical absurdism with a backdrop of elegant vintage etiquette. Start with something classy, like a chess game, an intricate key, or a tea party in the garden, and give it an illogical twist. Play with scale, color, and angles, but keep it grounded with familiarity.

Wonderland has a nonsensical feel, juxtaposing delicate vintage-style motifs with the scientifically impossible. The styles can range from the bold colors of the Disney movie to a darker and more haunting feel of being lost in a new world. Everything should feel just slightly off, but not too much!

Capture the Mood of Wonderland

Colors and Patterns

  • Checkerboard and card suits
  • Bold mix-and-match florals
  • Mirrored and reflective surfaces
  • Black, white, red, teal, gold, and green


  • Instrumental: Hans Zimmer, fantasy movie soundtracks
  • Throwback: Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd
  • Modern: Melanie Martinez, Florence and the Machine

Dress Code

  • Garden party with an absurdist twist
  • Pocket watches, vests, and oversized hats
  • Pinafore dresses in mismatched patterns

For your next brunch, capture the whimsical feeling of Wonderland with absurdist motifs, checkerboard textures, and mad tea party aesthetics!

Wonderland Tablescape Wish List

Before your guests arrive, be sure to decorate and set the table. Lean into the motifs of the Wonderland aesthetic when selecting your table linens, dishes, centerpieces, and accessories. Some interesting themes you can focus on include:

  • White rabbits, caterpillars, flamingos, cats
  • Larger-than-life board and card games
  • Classic tea party with a whimsical twist
  • Surrealism in size, shape, time, and gravity
  • Keys, apothecary bottles, clocks, mirrors

Wonderland Brunch Menu

When it comes to the food choices, you can still stay on theme! Lean into the colors and styles with these delicious dishes, sure to please your Wonderland crowd. Traditional British flavors like tea and scones will capture Alice herself, but make it a bit more absurd with uncommon colors and flavor combinations. Edible flowers, upside-down cakes, and decorative patterns will make everyone feel whimsical.


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