Peaches for Breakfast: 24 Recipes and Tablescape Ideas

August 10, 2021

The unparalleled star of late summer stone fruit season is the peach, so why not build a brunch menu around this juicy, fuzzy fruit? Discover a selection of delicious sweet and savory recipes, featuring peaches, to linger over. Plus enjoy sweet sips, themed tablescaping ideas, and a simple substitute.

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When it comes to brunch, the versatility of peaches is unmatched. These little, fuzzy fruits taste amazing fresh or baked, in sweet or savory dishes, alongside cakes and cream, and of course, shaken and blended into fabulous, colorful cocktails. To build your own peach brunch, just choose a dish from each category!

Juicy Fresh Starters

Peaches and cheese, peaches and greens, these not only sound delicious, but they are tasty combinations. Some peach pieces or slices are an excellent way to elevate a salad, toast, or salsa to start your brunch off right.

Balsamic Grilled Peach Summer Salad

From Healthful Blondie

Peach Jalapeno Salsa

From A Taste for Travel

Peach Toast with Almonds and Feta

From Mrs. Jones’s Kitchen

Peach Burrata Salad

From The Kitchen Girl

Warm & Fuzzy Mains

When you cook and bake with peaches, it’s like concentrating all of that juicy sweetness into little pockets of joy. Each of these cozy main courses is perfect for highlighting and sharing the love of sweet peachy goodness.

Peach Pancakes

From Slow the Cook Down

Peach Crisp with Corn and Caramel

From Slumber & Scones

Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler

From Vintage Kitchen Notes

Luscious Sweets

Finish off your brunch with a third course that’s sticky, gooey, creamy, or otherwise indulgent. The slightly acidic sweetness of these lovely fruits makes for excellently balanced desserts, which will cap off your peachy brunch menu.

Peach Creme Brulee

From Raspberries & Kohlrabi

Brown Butter Peach Tart

From Chenee Today

Old Fashioned Peach Ice Cream

From Beyond the Chicken Coop

Refreshing Cocktails

It’s not brunch without a fruity alcoholic beverage, right? Peach lends itself nicely to a variety of different liquors, bust most notably a syrupy bourbon or light and fizzy prosecco. It’s fun to experiment with the versatility in mixology with this fuzzy fruit.

Sweet Bourbon Peach Smash

From Home-cooked Roots

Peach Sangria

From Burrata and Bubbles

Peach Pineapple Smash

From Cocktail Contessa

Zero-Proof Sips

Juices, smoothies, and spritzers featuring peaches are a wonderful way to make sure your brunch is inclusive to all ages and lifestyles. Whether you blend up a batch of smoothies or shake up a sparkling concoction, sweet peach juice and puree are sure to shine.

Peach Cobbler Smoothie

From G-Free Foodie

Peach Ginger Smoothie

From The Healthful Ideas

Mango Peach Tea Spritzer

From Slumber & Scones

Banana Peach Smoothie

From Bake & Bacon

Gather all your peach-loving friends and family for a themed brunch, with these 24 recipes and tablescaping ideas!

Peaches vs Nectarines: A Simple Swap

What’s the difference between these two fruits? For starters, they taste very similar, but they aren’t exactly the same. Nectarines tend to be smaller and firmer, with a thinner skin. The thicker skin of a peach is fuzzy, and these tend to be a bit juicier.

In a lot of cases, they are completely interchangeable, depending on what’s available to you or your own preferences. However, I have gathered a couple recipes that feature nectarines specifically, so you can highlight these sweet stone fruits as well.

Peach-Themed Tablescape

If you’re building a brunch around a specific ingredient, why not incorporate it into your decorations and place settings as well? One of my favorite features of the peach is the gorgeous coloring of the fruit, with its pinky-yellow skin and flesh. Bring in the motif of this tasty stone fruit’s distinct shape and color with a variety of decor pieces.

Peach marble coaster set. Georgia Peach Marble Coaster Set

Watercolor Peaches Table Runner True Sweet Peach by

Crochet Peach Garland Fruit Garland Wall Hanging Home

Peach Wreath for Front Door Small Peach Fruit Wreath

So are you pumped for peach season? I’d love to know which of these delicious recipes will be the centerpiece of your own late-summer peach-themed brunch.


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