Fill Your 2023 Cookbook Shelf with 30+ New Releases

January 25, 2023

Hi there. If we haven’t met before, I’m Kait, and I am a cookbook addict. Each year, I like to pull together a list of cookbooks that I am excited about, and many times these are the books that end up filling my shelves in the coming year. So let’s take a look at a whole bunch of books from the end of last year or with an anticipated upcoming release, and you can fill your 2023 cookbook shelf with me!

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There’s no real criteria for me to stick to when pulling together this list. It’s really the books that jump out at me, because of an author I’ve loved before, a cover or title that really pulls me in, a topic I’ve been focusing on lately, or some combination of those. These are the books I can’t wait to read, flip through, and flag for favorites. And, I pulled out some intriguing recipe examples to make your mouth start watering too.

Baking and Dessert

I sometimes use these terms synonymously, but I’ve been noticing a trend lately toward some savory bakes. Plus, we can’t forget about the classic and newly imagined desserts and sweets that never see the inside of an oven. My baking and dessert collection is pretty large already, so at this point I’m looking for a little something extra for a book to land on my wish list. These choices all have that it-factor.

More Than Cake by Natasha Pickowicz

100 Baking Recipes Built for Pleasure and Community | 320 Pages | Releasing April 11, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Tarte tatin with nectarine and miso, pecan sticky buns with black cardamom, and olive oil cake with crispy capers

Justice of the Pies by Maya-Camille Broussard

Sweet and Savory Pies, Quiches, and Tarts plus Inspirational Stories from Exceptional People: A Baking Book | 256 Pages | Released October 18, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Deep dish chilaquiles quiche, lemon espresso pie, roasted brussels sprouts and cherry tart, tequila lime whoopie pies

Delectable by Claudia Fleming

Sweet & Savory Baking | 352 Pages | Released October 25, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Black raspberry and chocolate semifreddo, fennel tea cake with pernod whipped cream, kumquat tatin, eggplant caponata tart

Savory Baking by Erin Jeanne McDowell

Recipes for Breakfast, Dinner, and Everything in Between | 384 Pages | Released October 11, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Dill and chive blini with creme fraiche and caviar, PB s’mores pretzels, club sandwich napoleons, garlic parmesan pancakes with tomato jam

What’s for Dessert by Claire Saffitz

Simple Recipes for Dessert People: A Baking Book | 368 Pages | Released November 8, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Whipped cream tres leches cake with hazelnuts, caramel peanut popcorn balls, quince and pineapple jam tart

+ Around the World

If there’s one topic that I have been super interested in learning more about this past year, it’s cooking from different countries and cultures all over the globe. That’s why, in addition to the baking and dessert books above, I’m also highlighting a set that have a specific geographical influence. Let’s learn together in 2023!

Chicano Bakes by Esteban Castillo:

Recipes for Mexican Pan Dulce, Tamales, and My Favorite Desserts | 224 Pages | Released November 1, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Fresh pineapple upside-down cake (volteado de piña), caramel apple cheesecake empanadas, spiced pumpkin chocoflan

Norwegian Baking through the Seasons by Nevada Berg

90 Sweet and Savoury Recipes from North Wild Kitchen | 256 Pages | Releasing April 18, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Candied almond cake, wild blueberry and oregano bread, lefse with cinnamon buttercream

Mayumu by Abi Balingit

Filipino American Desserts Remixed | 288 Pages | Releasing February 28, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Ube macapuno molten lava cakes, halo-halo baked Alaska, melon chicharron crumble

Tava by Irina Georgescu

Eastern European Baking and Desserts From Romania & Beyond | 272 Pages | Released November 22, 2022

Intriguing Recipes:Rum chocolate cream sandwich cookies (paleuri), curd cheese and golden raisin pie (plăcintă cu brânză), hazelnut and prune bars (figaro)

Sweet + Swiss by Heddi Nieuwsma

Delicious and Easy Desserts from the Heart of Europe | 288 Pages | Released January 3, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Merishauser bienenstich (a layered sponge with a hazelnut and honey topping), flon de savièse fruit tart


Sometimes beverages, both alcoholic and non, get relegated to a single chapter at the end of another cookbook. But I always love to have a few books that I can keep by my home bar or coffee station for inspiration and recipes fully focused on sipping something delicious. This category is always a little lighter, so there’s no “around the world” specific picks here, but you are sure to find plenty of cultural influence throughout these selections.

The Home Café by Asia Lui Chapa

Creative Recipes for Espresso, Matcha, Tea and Coffee Drinks | 168 Pages | Released December 20, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: La vie en rose latte, toasted coconut affogato, cheese foam iced coffee, blueberry lavender tea latte

A Bartender’s Guide to the World by Lauren Mote and James O. Fraioli

Cocktails and Stories from 75 Places | 256 Pages | Released October 25, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Miami stucco machine, mercado mai tai, chicka cherry cola, good vibes only, gin-gin donkey kong

Cure by Neal Bodenheimer and Emily Timberlake

New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ’Em from the Award-Winning Bar | 256 Pages | Released October 25, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: The banana stand, black flamingo, culture vulture, tabasco shrub, salted pistachio tincture

The Delmonico Way by Max Tucci

Sublime Entertaining and Legendary Recipes from the Restaurant That Made New York | 208 Pages | Released November 1, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Oscar’s secret Delmonico, chilled tomato soup with deviled crab and corn fritters, cucumber pomegranate punch

Leaf Tea by Timothy D’Offay

Infusions, cold brews, sodas, frappés and more | 176 Pages | Releasing April 11, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Hot apple oolong, iced stoneground milk tea, the entire chapter on ice creams, frappes, and shakes

Clear some shelf space, because you are about to add all of these newly released cookbooks to your collection!

Veggie Forward

Every time I think about making adjustments to my diet, it gets more and more plant-based. So, naturally, I am always looking out for the latest cookbooks that are putting vegetables at the center of the plate. Some of these selections are fully vegan, while others just have a plant focus, but still use animal products.

Fake Meat by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Real Food for Vegan Appetites | 320 Pages | Releasing February 7, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Hot dog summer with hot dog onions, fried-egg bagels with carrot lox cream cheese, mustard that tastes like it came from the store

Mostly Veggies by Brittany Mullins

Easy Make-Ahead Meals for Healthy Living | 272 Pages | Releasing April 18, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Cobb salad with coconut bacon, big batch butternut squash enchiladas, healthy chocolate chip cookie dough bites

Vegan Barbecue by Terry Sargent

More Than 100 Recipes for Smoky and Satisfying Plant-Based BBQ | 208 Pages | Releasing April 11, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Smoky creamy pumpkin soup, smoked beer and fennel bratwurst, smackin’ Creole VBQ sauce, vegan bacon jalapeno fry sauce

Vegetable Revelations by Steven Satterfield

Inspiration for Produce-Forward Cooking | 336 Pages | Releasing April 18, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Luck and money dolmas, romanesco campanelle with white bolognese, warm field peas with tangy pepper sauce, honeydew Aquavit slushies

The Vegan Week by Gena Hamshaw

Meal Prep Recipes to Feed Your Future Self | 240 Pages | Released December 27, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Peanut tempeh bowls with coconut rice, salted tahini date caramel cups, creamy quinoa artichoke casserole, lentil apple sage patties

+ Around the World

Just like with the baking and dessert books, when it comes to these veggie-forward selections, I have been getting drawn in by international cuisines and cultures different from my own. I am loving the trend of focusing on vegetables as the stars of meals, whether that’s in cuisines that have always allowed them to take center stage, or those that have historically relied on meat.

Vegan Africa by Marie Kacouchia

Plant-Based Recipes from Ethiopia to Senegal | 192 Pages | Released November 15, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Paprika spiced plantain chips, chilled watermelon tomato and mango soup, Ivorian eggplan and yam (yam akpessi)

Veganistan by Sally Butcher

A Vegan Tour of the Middle East & Beyond | 192 Pages | Releasing February 21, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Chilled cucumber soup with mint and chilli, Afghan-style rice with caramelized carrots, sweet potato date and tahini gateau

Plant-Based India by Dr. Sheil Shukla

Nourishing Recipes Rooted in Tradition | 256 Pages | Released August 2, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Creamy masala tomato soup, green pea kachori toasts, coconut brown rice, cilantro peanut chutney

The Vegan Chinese Kitchen by Hannah Che

Recipes and Modern Stories from a Thousand-Year-Old Tradition | 320 Pages | Released September 13, 2022

Intriguing Recipes: Blanched sweet potato greens with crispy shallots (tàng qīngcài), stir-fried gai lan with vegetarian oyster sauce (háoyóu jièlán), scallion flower buns (huā juǎn)

Ever-Green Vietnamese by Andrea Nguyen

Super-Fresh Recipes, Starring Plants from Land and Sea | 304 Pages | Releasing April 25, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Smoky tofu-nori wontons, banh mi with vegan mayonnaise and bologna, green mango beet and herb salad, sweet potato and shrimp fritters

Unique Selections

Not everything fits into a box, and these choices definitely stand out as something exciting that I’m sure you can find room for on your bookshelf. From event hosting to focusing on single formats or ingredient groups, and even one that is sure to be full of nostalgia, I’m excited to add these all to my collection. It was tough to narrow it down to five choices in this category, so be sure to check out the honorable mentions below, which center around individual ingredients.

Afternoon Tea Is the New Happy Hour by Gail Greco

More than 75 Recipes for Tea, Small Plates, Sweets and More | 208 Pages | Releasing April 4, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Alice’s sorbet float tea, spicy baked artichoke bruschetta, pimento pita pocket poufs, potato chip walnut tartlets

The Dinner Party Project by Natasha Feldman

A No-Stress Guide to Food with Friends | 272 Pages | Releasing April 18, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Crunchy radishes dipped in honey fennel butter, veggie pot pie with black pepper and parm phyllo, thin mint pudding pie

The Official Disney Parks Cookbook by Pam Brandon and The Disney Chefs

101 Magical Recipes from the Delicious Disney Series | 208 Pages | Releasing February 7, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Chef Mickey’s breakfast pizza, Flame Tree barbecue sauce, Mickey Mouse beignets, the grey stuff

Milk Street Noodles by Christopher Kimball

Secrets to the World’s Best Noodles, from Fettuccine Alfredo to Pad Thai to Miso Ramen | 304 Pages | Releasing April 25, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: None officially released yet, but I’m hoping for some similar to hoisin-ginger noodles and spaghetti al limone

Pulp by Abra Berens

A Practical Guide to Cooking with Fruit | 432 Pages | Releasing April 4, 2023

Intriguing Recipes: Roast chicken over blueberries cornbread and lemon; melon cucumber and chickpea salad, rum-plum clafoutis

Honorable Mentions

Ingredient Focus

It’s going to be a good year for cookbooks, huh? I’m sure that you are already drooling over those cover photos and all of the recipes you’re starting to see in your future. Let me know which ones are on your wish list for 2023!


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