65 Christmas Dessert Recipes for Every Festive Flavor

December 15, 2020

One of the best parts of Christmastime is all of the special sweet treats you get to enjoy! But I find that there are so many I want to try, it’s hard to make sure I’m experiencing all the fun flavors of the season. So I’ve compiled some Christmas dessert recipes for all of my favorite flavors.

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You are sure to find a new favorite cookie, cake, or cocktail from this list. Each of these highlights a specific taste that will remind you of Christmas. From gingerbread to candy cane, from eggnog to bourbon, and everything in between. Which flavor do you love the most? Jump right to it!

Candy Cane | Eggnog | Hazelnut | Gingerbread | Anise | Peppermint Chocolate | Cranberry | Bourbon | Chestnut | Hot Cocoa | Orange | Cinnamon | Vanilla Bean

Candy Cane Delights

Let’s start with a simple basic. In my house, candy canes do double duty as decor and ingredients in some of my favorite treats and drinks.

Eggnog Indulgences

It’s a divisive flavor, but I have grown to enjoy eggnog as I’ve broadened my tastes and moved away from the carton. These tasty selections bring out only the best.

Eggnog Creme Brulee


Eggnog Madeleines

My Kitchen Love

Eggnog French Toast

Savory Bites Recipes

Instant Pot Eggnog Cheesecake

Recipes from a Pantry

Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls

Eat the Love

Hazelnut Luxuries

A new favorite flavor for me, but I have been loving hazelnuts lately. Whether combined with chocolate or not, these are more than just a coffee flavor.

Gingerbread Desserts

Beyond the classic people and houses, these choices will fill your molasses and spice craving in a different way.

Gingerbread White Russian

Running to the Kitchen

Gingerbread Ice Cream

Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream

Caramel Gingerbread Cheesecake Dip

Dip Recipe Creations

Gingerbread Pancakes

Hurry the Food Up

Anise Specialties

Some people love that licorice-like taste, but it’s not for everyone. However, these sweet treats are your gateway into the world of anise.

Italian Anise Cookies

Crayons and Cravings

Wheat Berry Burbara

Little Sunny Kitchen

Spiced Mulled Wine

Masala Herb

Pfeffernusse Cookies

If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

Peppermint Chocolate Treats

I had to separate these from candy cane, because the combination is such a different experience. Bittersweet chocolate and cool pink peppermint are made for each other.

What’s your favorite flavor of Christmas? Try one of these fun dessert recipes and discover the best festive treats!

Cranberry Charms

Fresh or dried, adding these berries can make any dish feel a little bit more festive. Their tart flavor makes for some fun, unique desserts as well.

Cranberry Old Fashioned

Three Olives Branch

Cranberry Pavlova

Taste Botanical

Cranberry Crumble 

Food Banjo

Cranberry French 75

My Kitchen Love

Cranberry Cheesecake Pie

Amy’s Delicious Mess

Bourbon Pleasures

As a bourbon drinker, I think this flavor can be enjoyed all year. But it definitely provides a warm coziness around the holidays, specifically.

Bourbon Buttermilk Pie

Recipes From a Pantry

Maple Walnut Bourbon Blondies

Scotch and Scones

Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Fudge

Homemade and Yummy

Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Popcorn

Cupcakes and Kale Chips

Chestnut Goodies

You don’t have to roast them over an open fire – the oven will do just fine! These seasonal nuts find their groove this time of year.

Hot Cocoa Joys

There’s nothing cozier than a cup of cocoa after being out in the snow. Pair your warm mug with a matching dessert for a double dose.

Hot Cocoa Fudge

Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks

Hot Chocolate Brownie Cups

Spend With Pennies

Chocolate Sak-Tini

Hill City Bride

Orange Confections

As kids, we always got a fresh orange right at the top of our stockings, like in my favorite children’s Christmas book. The sweet citrus has been a seasonal flavor to me ever since.

Cinnamon Sweets

The smell of baking something cinnamon simply cannot be beat, especially around Christmas. Try one of these fragrant treats featuring the flavorful spice.

Cinnamon Baked Pears

Hurry the Food Up

Vegan Cinnamon Babka

Rainbow Nourishments

Cinnamon Toast Cocktail

Julie Blanner

Vanilla Bean Morsels

There is something extra sweet about seeing those little black dots in your vanilla desserts that just make them taste a little bit richer for Christmas.

What’s your favorite flavor to enjoy this time of year? I hope you have found a new favorite recipe to capture the essence of the season for you. Plus, maybe you’ll branch out and try something a little bit different this year.


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8 thoughts on “65 Christmas Dessert Recipes for Every Festive Flavor

  1. Peppermint chocolate is my favorite! I love it year-round but especially this time of year. Those brownies look delicious!

  2. Peppermint and hot chocolate have always been my favorite flavors for Christmastime. I would never think of orange as a Christmas flavor. I can’t have eggnog flavors as it does not do well on my stomach. I definitely do not miss it.

  3. I love Christmas flavors – I like everything here except that I’m not big on eggnog. So many delicious things to try! I put my stand mixer to good use and made TEN different kinds of cookies this year!! I think I still want to try my hand at some candy cane ice cream though, so I’ll have to check out the one you shared with white chocolate. And I’m saving a ton of these for next year!!

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