When it’s cold and snowy like it’s been the last few weeks here, it always makes me think of ways to be cozy. I think that providing that warm, welcoming atmosphere for guests is super important as well, especially in a guest bath. These can sometimes feel cold and impersonal. Here are some fun ways to upgrade your guest bath for the spa experience, to make it a fun destination for your guests.

Single Use Toiletries and Extras

The drawers in my guest bath vanity are filled with mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion that I’ve picked up at all kinds of resorts and hotels. I keep them sorted by type, so it’s really easy to grab the specific item someone is looking for. I also pull out a matching set before a guests arrives, so it’s even easier.

Beyond the basics, for a real spa upgrade, add in a few small extras. Individually wrapped face masks, sample skincare products from subscription boxes, or travel-sized mouthwashes are all items your guests can utilize. The packaging helps them feel comfortable, since they aren’t using your personal utility-sized products.

Soft and Fluffy Textures

On a basic level, you’ll need to provide bath mats and towels to your guests. You might as well make them as nice and fluffy as what you’d like to use yourself. There’s nothing better than getting out of the shower and feeling a fuzzy mat under your toes, and wrapping yourself in a big, warm towel.

For a fun upgrade, think about having an extra fluffy terry cloth robe and some slippers. Your guests will appreciate the extra comfort, and feel better about walking between the bed and bath if your guest room doesn’t have an en suite. Also consider providing a hand towel in a darker color, such as brown or navy for your guests to wipe off make-up without worry.

Appeal to the Senses

We’ve talked a lot about touch, but you can also bring in some other sense. First, smell. There are plenty of ways to add some fun scents, but keep it optional. Provide plug-ins, sprays, or candles your guests can use only if they desire. If you leave potpourri out full time, be sure it’s just a subtle smell, as strong aromas can make some guests uncomfortable.

To go a step further, bring in taste. You can provide a small electric kettle and selection of herbal teas. I love the idea of sipping on some peppermint tea after an evening shower, without having to go back down to the kitchen. If drinking in the bathroom feels awkward, you can store these items right in the guest bedroom.

Make Showering a Joy

If you only implement one suggestion from this list, make it this one: replace the default shower head with something that has better control and water pressure. It doesn’t need to be an expensive rain or massage shower head, just something with a few options. If you have a shower tub combo, you may also want one with a long hose. Shower heads are easy to replace, and I’ve done it in very apartment and house I’ve lived in.

For an upgrade, add a small basket of shower fizzies. Your guests likely won’t feel comfortable enough to take a lounging bath in your home, but you can make their shower experience just a little nicer with these. There are many to choose from, with a variety of aromatherapy scents, and fun shapes.

Even though it’s not a room you use everyday, your guest bath deserves a little TLC too. After their first visit, your guests will be lining up to come back for more with these cozy upgrades.

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12 thoughts on “4 Easy Guest Bath Upgrades for the Spa Experience

  1. What a fun idea to have the little mini essentials. It’ll make your guests feel not only like they’re at a spa – but at a hotel as well! They’re getting the 5-star treatment! These are such great concepts that I can’t wait to apply one day when I have my own house.

    1. Thanks! I’ve been collecting those little shampoos for years, and everyone always loves when they stay over and get a set. I’m sure your guests will appreciate all the little details too.

    1. Ooh that sounds fun! I haven’t really tried diffusing essentials oils much, but they smell great so I am intrigued.

  2. Love all of these ideas! A relaxing bath has been my go-to self care activity in recent months, and that has encouraged me to add small comforts to my bathroom! Next up is new towels!

    1. New towels are a game changer for sure! We recently upgraded to the towels we got from our wedding, and they are so fluffy and cozy.

    1. Those Disney ones are so cute and fun. Everyone always loves them! Especially since my house is filled with other little subtle Disney references.

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