28 Dining & Kitchen Stocking Stuffers Under $15

November 30, 2021

The term “stocking stuffer” gets overused, and I have a lot of opinions about it. To me, in order to truly be a stocking stuffer, a gift must be literally small enough to fit inside of a stocking. And, it must be inexpensive, since you are likely getting a whole bunch of them. Here’s some fun dining room and kitchen stocking stuffers for this year, and they are all under $15.

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It’s time to get those stockings filled! For all your favorite home chefs, mixologists, and bakers, here are a few small gifts they are sure to love pulling out of a stocking on Christmas morning. These also make great add-on gifts to go with larger purchases. Or combine a few for a fun white elephant or secret santa option.

For the Bar

If they are always mixing up new drinks, talking about garnishes, and never have a shortage of liquor on the bar, you can’t go wrong with one of these small items. A corkscrew or muddler is perfect for cocktail prep, and whiskey stones or skewers are excellent choices for serving.

Coffee & Tea

If you’re gifting to a morning person, brunch lover, or someone who simply can’t begin their day without a cuppa, add a little upgrade to their coffee bar. A frother or tea strainer will help to create a favorite beverage, with some adorable sugar cubes for extra flavor. Don’t forget to stir it all up with coffee spoons.

Baking Bits

If you love baking, then you know all the little pieces that make perfect stocking stuffers. There is so much detail, whether your giftee loves to create cookies, cakes, or crumbles. Cupcake wrappers and cookie cutters help make the perfect treats, and a mini pan is the perfect size for a small bite. And of course, don’t forget the oven mitt!

Cook it Up

For someone that loves to be in the kitchen, but isn’t necessarily a specialist in any particular area, there are so many small items that make a huge difference. Measuring spoons and a salt cellar will help with spicing to perfection. Plus, you can never have too many tea towels or mini spatulas in any kitchen.

Stocking stuffers should be small, useful, cute, and inexpensive. If you’re shopping for a home chef, baker, mixologist or other kitchen lover, they are sure to enjoy these 28 finds under $15!

Serve it Small

Hostesses, here’s some tiny trinkets for you as well. Not only are these choices fun stocking stuffers, they also make great additions to a hostess gift throughout the year. Just add them to the bag with a bottle of something. Utensils like cheese knives and demitasse spoons are perfect for appetizers, served with tidbit plates. Then get fancy for the main course with napkin rings.

Sustainable Selections

Kitchen consumables are huge, but you can replace so many of them with sustainable alternatives. Why not give a gift that gives back to the planet, and can continue to be used year after year. Replace paper goods like towels and parchment with cotton cloths and silicone mats. Produce bags and steels straws will help cut down on single-use plastics.

Just for Fun

Listen, I love cooking, but I don’t spend all my time in the kitchen. Sometimes, us cooks and bakers like to show off our hobby in other ways as well, such as with a fun food-themed ornament or coffee stickers. Plus, any kitchen-lover will enjoy some foodie fun with trivia and a mini recipe book.

There’s enough here to fill up anyone’s holiday sock, so get those fluffy stockings stuffed! Full of cute kitchen accessories of course. Which ones are you hoping to see hanging by your own fireplace this season?


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