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Love cookbooks? See my 2020 Cookbook Wish List!

I collect beautiful cookbooks. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been working on building up my library of books filled with tasty recipes and gorgeous photography. To me, each one is a work of art, and I like to keep them out on display. But I’ve only been collecting for a short time, and so there is plenty of room to grow. This year, I have my eye on a few that will fill holes on my shelf, that will hopefully find their way into my home. Here’s a round-up of my cookbook wish list for 2019.

These range from older books I realized I’m missing to newer books that I haven’t bought yet to ones that aren’t yet out but I’m anticipating. And they will all be exciting additions to my library.


1. Weekday Weekend

by Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson, from A Beautiful Mess.

I’ve been following these two and their blog for ages, so when they released this cookbook, I immediately saved to my list. I love the concept of the weekday “rules” and weekend free-for-all, and the vegetarian lifestyle. So, if the recipes included are anything like their 20-minute green curry, then I’m in for a treat with this one.

2. The Pretty Dish

by Jessica Merchant, from How Sweet Eats.

Similarly, here’s another blog I’ve been following for awhile, so I’m excited for this book! Not only does this one include gorgeous and colorful photography, but it also has some beauty DIYs in addition to the kitchen recipes.

3. Host

by Eric Prum and Josh Williams.

I love this concept for a cookbook, which is not just recipes, but all about creating gatherings of friends. It includes tips for delicious meals, entertaining with cocktails, and pulling off an impressive get-together.

4. Salt Fat Acid Heat

by Samin Nosrat.

I’m probably the only person in the world who doesn’t already own this book, but it’s been on my list for awhile. I always like a book that really teaches you how to cook conceptually, and I’ve only heard great things about how this one does just that. I’t a much needed addition to my library.

5. Love Real Food

by Kathryne Taylor, from Cookie + Kate.

This is a blog that I discovered more recently, in my endeavor to eat more vegetarian and plant-based food. I’ve been loving everything Kate shares on the blog, and hope to find some more winners like her chocolate peppermint cups in this book!

6. The Founding Farmers Cookbook, 2nd Edition

by Nevin Martell.

If you ever visit the Washington DC area, you absolutely need to visit my favorite restaurant in the area, Founding Farmers. Since I’ve moved away, I’m hoping adding this book to my collection will bring back some memories of chicken bolognese, beet and goat cheese hash, and their amazing donuts!

7. The New Pie

by Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin.

I am obsessed with pie. It’s probably one of my favorite desserts to make and eat, so when I heard about this book which will be released in March, I couldn’t help but add it to my list. I’m excited to see the interesting approaches these two authors will bring to such a classic dessert.

8. Bake the Seasons

by Marcella DiLonardo.

This is literally how I love to cook. I’m always paying attention to what’s in season, and trying to develop new ideas based on what I can get fresh. I’m interested to add more seasonal recipes to my repertoire, and love that there’s sweet and savory included in this book, which is released in April.

9. The Fearless Baker

by Erin McDowell.

I have been following Erin on Instagram, and I love her techniques and skills when it comes to everything baking. I’m excited to give all her secrets a permanent home on my bookshelf to reference whenever I’m baking anything.

10. Smoke, Roots, Mountain, Harvest

by Lauren McDuffie, from Harvest and Honey.

I haven’t read much of this blog, but I am following it now! I immediately fell in love with her stunning instagram feed, and am now looking forward to seeing more of the gorgeous photography in this book, coming out in May.

11. Half-Baked Harvest

by Tieghan Gerard, from Half Baked Harvest.

Here’s another blog I started following in the past year, and I have grown to love Tieghan’s recipes and creativity. I’m excited for this book on my shelf for when I need a quick but delicious and interesting dinner idea.

What cookbooks are you looking forward to this coming year? Are there any you’re excited about that I missed? I’m always looking for more gorgeous and creative books for my collection, and would love to know your favorites!


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20 thoughts on “2019 Cookbook Wish List

  1. I’m terrible about actually buying cookbooks because I find all my recipes on Pinterest. But after watching the Salt Fat Acid Heat series on Netflix, I want the book for sure. And the rest of these sound excellent as well!

    1. I totally need to watch that series on Netflix! I’m so behind when it comes to that book/show, but I am excited to read and watch it.

  2. I’m getting married in about a month, and I’m looking to get into cooking more. This is a great resource for me! And I LOVE A Beautiful Mess!!! I’ve been following them since the beginning of my blogging days. I pinned this to my food board. <3

  3. All of these look great. Browsing cookbooks is a hobby I share with my mom. There is something so relaxing and inspiring, even if I don’t get around to cooking from it. I just bought the Skinnytaste One & Done as a gift. It is beautiful. I have some of the other Skinnytaste cookbooks, and everything is delicious.

  4. Ugh! I miss the days when cookbooks were a part of my life. They hold such promise. The original Pinterest in my mind. And I? One of the original “fail”ers. But damn if those pictures didn’t keep luring me in to try again.

    Enjoyed living vicariously through this post ?

  5. I got two cookbooks for Christmas and I’m really loving them both! I have Eat your Way Healthy at Trader Joe’s and “Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.”

    1. Ooh interesting. I love TJ’s, and didn’t know there was a cookbook… sounds awesome! I’ll have to check that out.

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