Spiced Apricot Ricotta Toast

August 17, 2021

If you are looking for a quick and easy summer recipe that’s super versatile, this one’s for you. Enjoy this adorable fresh apricot and spiced whipped ricotta toast as a quick breakfast, afternoon snack, part of a larger brunch, or even dessert.

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I was excited when we found fresh apricots at the farm stand recently, since they are one of my favorite little fruits to enjoy this time of year. If you’re not familiar, they are a stone fruit, related to peaches. Just like their cousins, they have a fuzzy skin and a pit in the middle.

Apricots tend to be smaller, only about 1-2 inches in diameter, compared to peaches which are about three inches. Their skin is a brighter orange, and tends to be more even-toned. Inside, the flesh is a similar color to the skin, and they tend to be less juicy than peaches. Flavorwise, expect apricots to be tarter, and have almost a nutty undertone. If you’ve had dried apricots, fresh ones taste similar, but brighter and less chewy.

What You Need to Get Started

You can easily find all of the ingredients for these spiced apricot ricotta toasts at your grocery store:

Let’s Make Spiced Apricot Ricotta Toasts

These come together super quickly, since you can prepare the topping while the bread is toasting. That makes these little bites perfect for an afternoon snack, quick appetizer, or easy breakfast. Begin by toasting the baguette slices.

You can do this in the toaster oven, which I found to be the easiest method. Just set it to “toast” according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and cook until the pieces have reached your favorite level of toastiness. I like mine medium golden brown, so they have a great balance of crunch and chew.

If you don’t have a toaster oven, you can toast baguettes in the oven instead, although they won’t get as browned. Just bake the pieces on a foil-lined sheet pan for about ten minutes, until they are as toasted as you’d like.

Meanwhile, you can get started on whipping up the ricotta. Add it to a medium bowl, along with sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom. I really like the addition of cardamom here, which accentuates the acidity of the apricots nicely.

Use a balloon whisk to whip it all together until the ricotta is nice and fluffy. It won’t be as light as something like whipped cream, but you will notice the ricotta feeling a bit lighter as you whisk it, after about a minute or so.

If needed, you can whip up the spiced ricotta in advance. Store it in the fridge in a sealed container for a couple days. After taking the mixture out of the fridge, give it another quick whip just before spreading it on the toast.

Once fluffy, use a spread, butter knife, or offset spatula to spread about a teaspoon of the ricotta onto each piece of toast. Feel free to add a little more or less, depending on your own personal preference.

Then top each slice with fanned out apricot slices. The best apricots to use are just ripe, and still quite firm with just a slight give when squeezed. If you are not a fan of the fuzzy skin of apricots, you can peel yours, or scoop out the flesh before slicing.

Serve these toasts immediately after assembling them. The finished topped toast does not store well, since it combines both warm and cold ingredients.

Sweet and spiced ricotta is the perfect partner to tart fresh apricots in this super simple summer snack recipe for apricot ricotta toast.

How to Serve Apricot Toast

As I mentioned earlier, these are super versatile. If you have fresh apricots around, why not make them all the time? I love the idea of these as a quick summer breakfast alongside a cold brew with vanilla spice cream.

Or expand it into a full brunch by serving these toasts as the appetizer to another summer dish with tomato and avocado omelets. Don’t forget a few cold glasses of mango peach iced tea spritzers to pull it all together.

If you would like to enjoy these as an afternoon snack, they would pair perfectly with some lemon curd sandwich cookies and a refreshing blueberry moscow mule cocktail.

Spiced Apricot Ricotta Toast

A quick and easy breakfast, appetizer, or snack! Whipped ricotta with cinnamon and cardamom and fresh sliced apricots top a toasted sliced baguette.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Servings: 16 pieces
Calories: 131kcal


  • 16 pieces Sliced Baguette
  • ½ Cup Ricotta
  • 2 tsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • ½ tsp Cardamom
  • 4 Apricots pitted and sliced into ⅛-inch pieces


  • Toast the baguette:
    - In the oven: Preheat to 350°F, and add bread slices to a foil-lined pan. Bake for 10 minutes, flipping halfway, or until browned to your liking.
    - In the toaster oven: Set to toast, and cook to your desired degree of doneness, I suggest a medium golden brown.
  • In a medium bowl, add the ricotta, sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom. Use a balloon whisk to combine until the ricotta is whipped and fluffy, about 2 minutes.
  • Spread about a tsp of the seasoned ricotta on each slice of toast, and top with fanned out apricot slices. Serve immediately.


  • Make ahead tips:
    • The finished topped toast does not store well, and should be served immediately. Apricots should be enjoyed immediately after slicing.
    • You can make the ricotta in advance, and store in a sealed container in the fridge for 2-3 days. Give it a quick whip just before spreading.
  • Apricots:
    • The best apricots to use are just ripe, and still quite firm with just a slight give when squeezed. 
    • If you are not a fan of the fuzzy skin of apricots, you can peel yours, or scoop out the flesh before slicing.
    • Apricots tend to be smaller than other similar fruits like peaches and nectarines. If you would like to swap them out, use half as many of these larger fruits.

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