Summer Punch Recipes for Backyard Entertaining

July 7, 2020

It’s proving to be one of those sticky hot summers. With one heat wave right on the tail of another, I have been finding myself craving a different type of cocktail than I usually go for. Instead of heavy, high alcohol concoctions, I’m leaning toward light and fruity mixtures. And the best ones are the big-batch kind you can mix up once and share with friends. Here are a few fun summer punch recipes that will help you beat all that heat.

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What You Need to Get Started

A summer punch is the perfect excuse to build up your drinkware collection. It can be fun to invest in some nice pitchers or a big punch bowl for serving. Plus, a set of classic matching glasses, or some unbreakable picnic-ware in fun colors are perfect for serving up cocktails.

Each recipe has its own list of specific ingredients, but many of the cocktails on this list include similar liquors. For rum, my favorite is Bacardi Superior for a white rum or Bacardi Black for dark. When it comes to Tequila, I love mixing up Margaritas of all kinds with Hornitos Reposado.

These summer punch cocktail recipes are sure to keep everyone cool on the hottest summer days!

White Sangria

The delicate white wine allows summer flavors to shine in each of these perfectly prepared pitchers.

Tropical Sangria

Cali Girl Cooking

Watermelon Strawberry Sangria

This Healthy Table

Red & Rosé Sangria

Bolder color and flavor makes these wine-based cocktails the perfect choice for summer evenings and dinner parties.

Cheerwine Sangria

A Nerd Cooks

Raspberry Lime Rose Sangria

Return to the Kitchen

Berry Rose Sangria

Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen

Fun & Fruity Rum Punch

Get that tropical feel in your own backyard, with these punches that pack a punch, from fruity to refreshing.

Mojito Pitcher

The Live-In Kitchen

Tropical Mango POG Rum Punch

Champagne & Coconuts

Jamaican Rum Punch

Recipes From a Pantry

Fun Flavored Margaritas

Whether served frozen or on-the-rocks, the classic mixture of tequila and lime is elevated by an extra twist.

Mango Margarita



The Bubbly Hostess

Strawberry Margarita


Adventurous Margaritas

Get a little wild with these less familiar flavors. Margaritas are the perfect drink to experiment with fun fruits.

Spicy Tamarind Margarita

Seitan Beats Your Meat

Key Lime Pie Margarita

White Coat Pink Apron

Something A Little Different

If you haven’t found the perfect drink yet, maybe one of these other ideas will spark your interest!

Sparkling Bourbon Peach Punch

A Taste for Travel

Prickly Pear Party Punch

Twists & Zests

Pimm’s Cocktail


Spiked Ice Tea Cocktails

Veggies Save the Day


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13 thoughts on “24 Summer Punch Recipes for Backyard Entertaining

  1. Oh my, these all look amazing! I just whipped up some sangria this past weekend (had a less than delicious bottle of red lying around) and it was the perfect summer drink. I’ll have to try some of these!

  2. Yeah I would drink all of these haha! I agree, here as well it’s been a very sticky, humid summer and light and fruity is definitely the way to go. I would really like to get some Pimm’s make that Pimm’s cocktail. When I studied abroad in England Pimm’s was huge over there and a go-to drink was Pimm’s and Lemonade!

  3. I’m feeling thirsty now! Great collection to cool off this summer! Thanks for including my marg!

  4. I swear, your blog is one of my very favorites of ALL TIME, Kait! Seriously, it’s my go-to for food and drinks, and this post just gave me so many new ideas for summer cocktails. We’re having a gathering on Sunday and my husband asked me to make a good punch. Now I’m SET with ideas aplenty. Thanks!

  5. These look super yummy! Currently off the booze but looking forward to treating myself as soon as I’m back to drinking. Gives me a lovely summery drink to look forward. I love fruitiness and especially rum based 🙂

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